Style Insight: Kate Lanphear

That hair, that stance, that style! Kate Lanphear is undoubtedly the epitome of cool! Out of all my style crushes, it is Lanphear who I'm obsessed with the most. I wanna be stylishly reincarnated as her. No, scratch that. That's too long a wait! I wanna swap bodies with her right now!

Always in achromatic color hues, the soon-to-leave Style Director of Elle has perfected the marriage of punk and polish with a whole lot of suave. What's extremely annoying is that she does it all so smoothly, without a trace of effort. Bech! She exudes a certain je ne sais quio and she pulls-off that apathetic stare like no other. Phear-less and ferocious, Kate Lanphear will forever be a style icon extraordinaire.

Kate Lanphear in denim vest and raglan shirt

Kate Lanphear Style

Kate Lanphear in leather jacket

Kate Lanphear Style

Onward and Upward!
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