The If-Money's-No-Object Christmas Gift Guide

If you're one of God's favorite children {the one who's been given the elusive Fortunatus' purse}, then these are the things that you can buy as Christmas gifts that can guarantee you the following: tightest bear hug in the world, overwhelming compliments, a kiss on the foot, and the most important of all - a tag on Facebook.

1. Abercrombie & Kent's Tailor Made Zambia

Abercrombie & Kent's African Tour

Treat your family members {or friends} to Abercrombie & Kent's Tailor Made Zambia tour or one of their numerous tour packages that includes a butler and a 24/7 support service they aptly named....*drumroll*.....Guardian Angel. They have experts (biologists, historians, naturalists, etc.} that research the best locations all over the world for their clientele to experience one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Price: Available upon request a.k.a the aneursym-inducing figures

2. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Lunch at 5 meters below sea level? Yes, please!!! Located at the Conrad Rangali Island in Maldives, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the first of its kind. The restaurant has limited seats {12} and you need to secure a reservation 14 days prior to arrival. The place is cool but kind of eerie. The theme song of Jaws will probably continuously play in my head as a school of fish ogles at me while I eat their cousin. The place unarguably looks amazing though.

Price: $120+ per plate

3. Luvaglio 

Doesn't this laptop just wanna make you delete your #humblebrag MacBook Pro upload on Instagram? What does this piece of technology have that makes it worth so much? No, it doesn't come with a cure for cancer. Aside from the fact that the Luvaglio can be customized to the user's needs, the laptop is also built with every girl's best friend. 50 Shades of Grey? No perv, diamonds! 

According to Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio {CEO} during his interview with Gizmag“I didn't want us to simply re-house a laptop into a diamond studded casing, or diamond encrust the entire thing simply to make it expensive. We've put thought in from the keyboard down to the power charger. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. We have used diamonds elsewhere but have given them purpose.” Brilliant.

Price: $1,000,000

4. Hasselblad H4D-200ms

This camera was what prompted my sister to sell her soul (gladly) to the devil. Hasselblad H4D-200ms' killer features include 200 megapixel, True Focus with Absolute Position Lock processor, Digital Lens Correction, Natural Color Solution, 36.7 x 49.1mm CCD sensor, and 3 distinct capture modes. I was yawning while my sister was patiently explaining Hasselblad's features. I had no clue what she was talking about. "Will the pictures come out super clear?", I asked. "You'll be able to see the inside of your pores with zero effort", she calmly said. That's all I wanted to know! Now, is that hard? Jeez.

The devil turned down her offer by the way. Looooser. 

Price: $45,000

5. Molteni by Electrolux

Helloooo beautiful! Even if your loved one has never set foot in any kitchen before, he/she will eagerly learn how to cook with this badarse! The Molteni range cookers are uniquely manufactured according to the buyer's specifications. It boasts of {among other things} a deep fryer, vacuum packer, USB ports, and a security system! This is the kind of range cooker that's worthy to be placed in anyone's will. *sigh* 

6. The Canterbury Tales, First Edition

Every bibliophile's dream is to own at least one antiquarian book. Your friend or relative who spends fifteen hours a day {at the very least} reading books would definitely appreciate a first edition of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. The first volume printed by William Caxton in 1477 was reportedly bought by the Maggs Bros. Ltd. in the late 90's.  If Santa asks me to pick one on this list, I'd pick this in half a heartbeat. Oh, dear Santa, I've been really, really good this year!

Price: $7,600,000

7. Patek Philippe Ref. 3939

Nothing says stealth wealth better than the Patek Philippe Ref. 3939HP. The design is elegantly discreet. The simplicity of the watch might not be too appealing to unknowing tufthunters because it does look like something that was found on the floor of Ross during Black Friday. But serious horologists will be able to tell the difference even from 500 meters away.....through the sense of smell alone. Patek Philippe watches are known for their highly complex nature and excellent craftsmanship. The granddaddy of Swiss horology.

Price: $500,000+

8. 1957 Ferrari Testarossa 250

Rarity, beauty, ergonomics, and a powerful history made the 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 one of the most expensive cars ever sold at an auction. The muscles in the Scaglietti-designed Ferrari would certainly make any man {and me} drool. The stallion is powered by a 2,953 cc single overhead cam degrees Type 128 LM V-12 engine. The engine's cam covers are red hence the name Testarossa, translated as "redhead". Now, wouldn't it be a total yay moment to find this one under your Christmas tree?

Price: $12,000,000+

9. Haute Couture Creations by Pierre Hermé

Haute Couture Creations Macarons by Pierre Hermé

There's something about the word "custom-made" that makes the rich nod their heads in eager approval and the average people quiver. Custom-made anything comes with an extra, extra price. Haute Couture Macarons by the pastry chef dubbed as "The Picasso of Pastry", Pierre Hermé embodies the statement previously made. You can have a special macaron created specific to your palate or desires by the upscale pastry shop. Maybe for an extra fee, you can have your crest, initials, or face imprinted on the macarons too. Like?

Price: $7,000+

10. Dovima by Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier

Dovima by Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier

Your wife or friend who channels her inner Imeldific 24/7 will definitely go gaga over these pair of Bruno Frisoni-designed hotsteppahs for French fashion house, Roger Vivier! The shoes are made of 24k gold-coated mesh and taxidermied birds with gold and crystal studded heads.

Price: $43,000

12. Morgan Day Bag by Asprey

Morgan Day Bag by Asprey

Of course, no woman's Christmas list is ever complete without a bag. My fascination for Margaret Thatcher made me love this British brand a lot! The beauty of this Morgan Day Bag in Sapphire Crocodile is in the simplicity of the design. The only thing that gives away it's luxuriousness is the leather used. If it's not made with cuir exotique, the bag wouldn't be so much of an attention-grabber {which is actually perfect in my book}.

Price: $20,100

So, if money were not an object, would I buy these for my friends? Heck, no! I will buy them all for me! They will get what they've always gotten in the past years - Christmas cards. Alright, fine, I'll add a partridge in pear tree.

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