Vision Boards: What's In It For Kids?

One of parents' favorite ways to know what future inclinations their kids have is by asking them this proverbial question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  

Even at a very young age, we already have a vision of what we want to be - from potential superstardom to the obscure. Some of us have stuck it out and became what we so desired, but most have deviated to a different path; better or not.

It was stated in an article that I read way back (I forgot when) that when you get confused as to what kind of career you should take, go back to basics. What does that mean? It simply means, go back to your childhood dreams and aspirations, your answer to the question above.

My  (ages 12 and 8) are both in a stage where they are slowly forming their visions for whatever it is they want to do with their lives. Giving verbal encouragement is always a good thing, but encouraging them to create their own vision boards is far better. Here's why:

A clearer picture of the future

Sometimes, kids copy the answers of others as to what kind of career they will go into when they grow up. There are also times when it is forced upon them by their parents, grandparents, or other influential people in their lives. 

Doing a vision board will give them a clearer picture of what they really want to be; sort of an aha! moment. 

My eldest would often tell us that he will be a lawyer (with conviction) when he grows up. That is his solid vision for his future career. When we were doing his vision board, he started putting all sorts of buildings, houses, and malls. While looking at his vision board he told me, "I think, I'm gonna be better off as a businessman". 


One of the benefits of kids creating vision boards - other than just for daydreaming purposes - is that they will serve as a guide for them to follow. 

When kids get older, they sometimes lose focus on what they really want due to certain challenges and other unforeseen factors. Vision boards can put them right on track and again. They will make them remember what their heart truly desires.

Change of character

When kids have a visual knowledge of the things they want, they will be forced to make the necessary changes in their character in order to achieve them. They will be more disciplined in their ways because of the need to achieve something.


It will make the kids believe in the power of hope. They will hope for the things that they desire to have and be the man/woman that they want to be. Hope is one of the best magnets for good things.

Go ahead and encourage your dreamer by helping him out with his first vision board. It might be his/her crucial  first step in unlocking his untapped potential towards greatness.

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