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Do you ever get confused as to what kind of blog post you should do? I'm happy to report that you....are....not....alone. I do get that sometimes; a lot during the first few months of blogging. Don't know what to blog about? Here are some blog post do's to consider:


Blog about something that you will read

You are your best critic. How can you pique the curiosity of your possible readers if you're not interested in reading your own creation? If reading your draft doesn't get you all pumped up like a tween girl about to see Harry Styles, don't publish it.

Share your knowledge

People go to blogs for two things: information and gossip. If you are not comfortable sharing your own problems, then share something you know. Many don't want to write about what they know because they assume that others are well-aware about it too. Wrong! You may have a little extra something that will turn out to be an aha! moment for your reader.

Dream with your readers

You don't need to max out your credit card for post's sake! Post photos of the places you wanna see, the things you've been crushing on, or the person you've been obsessing about. They're free! Just don't forget to give credit to where credit is due. Make your blog a virtual vision board.

Blog for your audience, not for bots

Many have probably read about SEO-ing your blog for better traffic and Google ranking. Here's the thing: if you get caught up with ways on how to please the Google bots, you will lose the flow of your post and your audience's interest eventually. Unless you're an SEO god, by the time you figure out all the technical factors of blogging, Google has already considered it obsolete. Remember: Your first allegiance is to your audience.

Blog in your own voice

I agree with the statement "keep things simple"; but only to some extent. Not everyone can write that way. Some are comfortable writing in turgid prose because that's the best way they can express their point. If you're comfortable doing a post in two languages; go ahead! If you're into swardspeak (gay language); why not? The most important thing is to get your point across, regardless of the manner. 

Create pillar articles

Pillar articles are articles that solve other people's problems or teach them something of good value. They are highly informative, practical, and timeless. These are the articles that answer the questions How, What, Why: How to Do a 50k Run in Stilettos and Live, 8 Guaranteed Ways to Get Christian Grey's Attention, What Does Anastasia Steele's "Inner Goddess" (Really) Look Like, or Why I'm Hotter Than You. Something like that.


Don't over think; just do it! The only cure for apprehension is action. Don't let your brain talk you out of doing it. Do your best, edit, and hit publish!

“If you're going to fall out of love with public approval, something interesting will happen: people will be deeply attracted to your work.” 

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