Kick-Start Your New Year With These Good Reads


We all need a little something to kick-start our new year to bring in abundant success in all aspects of our lives. Here are a few good reads that will hopefully inspire and help you achieve your goals this coming 2013:

Start your year right and create a Vision Board! Don't underestimate its power!

You don't believe me? Check out Forbes' article about Goal Poster {a.k.a Vision Board}. Told 'ya so!

R    Go higher! Elevate your mind

Think big, bigger, biggest!

Eat criticism for breakfast with a steaming cup of your favorite coffee...and a sweet smile.

Push yourself to greatness. Never hold back.

Take that big step to achieving "world peace"!

Know your true friends and strengthen your bond with them. 

Suze {close?} knows best! Strengthen our pockets, Orman. We're all ears!

Never lose hope because true, unconditional, its-so-good-it-hurts kinda l-o-v-e does exist. Ditch {after   January 1 so no one will scream "selfish witch!" at you} your guy if he thinks otherwise. 

R Focus on all the good things you've learned in life and keep doing them.

Put your kids on top of your "Persons I Would Kill For" list. Always.

Make yourself happy. No one else can do it for you. 

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