McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 Ends With Success

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

The fourth McHappy Day Fun Run was a huge success! Legions of families, individuals, gangs of youth, and yes, even dogs attended the event that took place at McKinley Hill yesterday morning. 

The McHappy Day {formerly known as World Children's Day}, is an annual global fundraising effort by McDonald's all over the world for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald House Charities {RMHC} as well as other children's causes. Traditionally, the McHappy day is held during November each year because the said month is when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, the choice of when to conduct the event each year is left to each country's decision.

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

Fortunately, we were invited to join the fun event. The event was not all about running though. This year, McDonald's have included a fair activity after the run for the whole family to enjoy! 

Honestly, I don't do running. I haven't caught the "running bug" that many Pinoys seem to have been afflicted with for the past couple of years. My kids are actually the ones who enjoy running. They've been to a couple of fun runs with their aunt for the past year or so. 

However, the thing that I love most about the said event is the main reason for its existence. The McHappy Day Fun Run aims to raise P1 million for RMHC's banner program, Bright Minds Read {BMR}. The  program is in partnership with the Department of Education. RMHC, through BMR, provides reading toolkits consisting of 33 storybooks, a teacher's lesson plan, and students worksheets to different public schools nationwide. BMR toolkits are currently being used in 3,600 Grade 1 public school classrooms!

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

The McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 started at six in the morning for the 10k runners. Our boys joined the 3k individual run which started at 7:30 am. 

Ronald McDonald running
Even Ronald himself joined in on the fun and put his gigantic red shoes to good use!

Hamburglar running with the McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 runners
Caught red handed? Running {Ham}burglar!

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 runners

McDonald's Birdie
Unlike Ronald and Hamburglar, Birdie was not able to join the run. It was not just possible.
Too much effort. She gets a pass.

McDonald's Grimace
The big guy! I love Grimace! He's too cute to go running. He gets a pass too!

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

The runners were treated with some of McDonald's breakfast favorites after an exhausting run.

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 loot bags area

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 loot bags
Sea of loot bags! 

After the runners got their loot bags, they were directed towards the activity area for more fun, games, surprises, and lots of prices!

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 activity area

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 booths

The awarding of winners took place at the center of the McHappy Day Fun Run 2012's activity area

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 winners prizes

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012 medals

Some McHappy scenes from the event... 

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez at the McDonald's McHappy Day Fun Run
The very svelte Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez brought a lot of color and oomph to the event!

Boy wearing a McDonald's French Fries costume
No need for words! Little lad shows his love for McDonald's fries! We feel yah!

Girl with red cape McDonald's
This girl's whole family were all draped with the same cape. They joined the 3k Family Run category. Families were encouraged to come to the event in costumes while individual runners were encouraged to wear their best hats!

J6 and J7's headgears during the McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

I support Ronald McDonald House Charities tarpaulin

RMHC's effort to help the less fortunate kids does not stop once the McHappy event ends. Fifty centavos goes directly to the RMHC for every Happy Meal you purchase. Therefore, you are not just making your kid happy by buying a Happy Meal; you're putting a smile on another kid's face too!

Individuals or companies may also sponsor BMR toolkits. For more information, please visit

Ronald McDonald giving two thumbs up
Ronald McDonald makes a solid gesture about what he thinks of the McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

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