8 Magnificent Environmentally Sustainable Furniture

People get a big slap of awakening regarding the ecological threat of deforestation every year. Many are aware of its effects on a global scale. Because of this, the demand for sustainable furniture has risen in the past couple of years. Consumers want products that are beautiful yet eco-friendly.

Sustainable furniture are built with the three most important words in waste hierarchy in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle. They are made from reclaimed, renewable, or repurposed materials. The purpose of such is to lessen the impact to the already desecrated environment. 

Scraps doesn't have to be synonymous with crappy. There are a lot of beautiful ones in the market today.  Here are a few magnificent pieces that I want for my dream environmentally-friendly home....someday soon. Think big!

Dandelion Graphic Dresser by Iannone Design
The magnificent credenza created by Iannone Design is made from FSC {Forest Stewardship Council} certified plywood and Kirei {reclaimed fiber} boards. The Philadelphia based design firm founded by Michael Iannone creates cutting edge pieces from environment-friendly materials. Apart from being a furniture designer, Iannone is also a luthier - crafting electric guitars. 
Gruba Chair 
Gruba, an Argentinean design company, launched a series of sustainable furniture designs called S.O.S de  Barrio line. The chairs and tables from the said line were made from re-purposed roller blinds the designers {Maria Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus} found on the streets of Buenos Aires.
Alphabet Drawers

Perfect for the organizing junkies like yours truly! Created from solid FSC-certified oak and beeswax finishing, this made to order cabinet by Kent and London was inspired by vintage alphabet blocks. You can have one for £2700.00!
Torino by Jory Brigham
Torino by Jory Brigham
California native designer Jory Brigham and his team creates remarkable sustainable pieces like the credenza above named after a town in Italy - Torino. They use sustainable plywood, plantation Teak, and FSC-certified walnut in each of their one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Amazing!
Wooden Heap Cabinet by Boris Dennler
Wooden Heap Cabinet by Boris Dennler
The clever cabinet above was fabricated by Swiss designer Boris Dennler as part of his Wooden Heap collection. Made from scraps of old wood, the cabinet looks nothing but a stack of firewood at first glance, but upon serious inspection it hides a few surprises: drawers. It's beautiful, but I think opening the drawers will be a bit of a struggle.
Cork Chair by Trevor O' Neil
Cork Chair by Trevor O' Neil

Trevor O' Neil salvaged materials from an old building being torn down and turned them into works of art. The Cork Chair, as the name suggests, is made from used cork and sustainable bamboo. 

Joshua Tree Credenza by Blake Avenue
Joshua Tree Credenza by Blake Avenue

Los Angeles furniture company, Blake Design, is known to develop contemporary items from reclaimed and recycled wood that dates back 80 to 150 years. Their products are crafted meticulously and built to last generations. I love the simple design of the Joshua Tree and the depth of the patina. Perfect for a clean white background.
Mendi 2 seater sofa
Mendi 2 Seater Sofa by Pacific Green
I wanna pet this sofa! Pacific Green is a sustainable furniture company based in Fiji. They use sustainable locally harvested Palmwood and natural materials for their wonderful tropical and tribal creations. Their furniture items are so astonishing that even James Bond {Pierce Brosnan} himself agreed to be their Environmental Spokesperson during the company's launch in North America. 

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