Day At The [Mind] Museum

The famous English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, sums up man's quest for knowledge and curiosity: “Desire to know why, and how - curiosity, which is a lust of the mind, that a perseverance of delight in the continued and indefatigable generation of knowledge - exceedeth the short vehemence of any carnal pleasure". 

We concur; hence, we started the new year right by being utterly curious! 

My boys and I visited The Mind Museum in Taguig a week ago. The Mind Museum is an interactive Science museum that first opened last year {March 2012} after five years of preparation, construction, and most probably, exhaustion.   

The Mind Museum Taguig

Before you get wowed by what's inside the museum, you'll first be amazed by the exterior. The state-of-the-art building was fabricated by Ed Calma and his group of talented architects {Lor Calma & Partners}. The Mind Museum's building was inspired by the molecular structures and cell growth.

Five stars for mixing sustainable features with aesthetics. The architect and his partners built a magnificent creation with energy efficiency in mind. The building was made from materials with high recycle content. It has a curved roof for rain collection, slanted exterior walls to minimize the entry of sunlight, and a solution to utilize the shadows of adjacent buildings called strategic building orientation. 

The complex boasts of other sustainable features such as a green park, water recycling system, solar panels, ozone-friendly cooling system {CFC-free}, and low VOC {volatile organic compound} paints. 

The Mind Museum Taguig building

The building looks like a liquid mercury!

The Mind Museum Manila Building

The 1 billion peso project was funded by private corporations and individuals. The Mind Museum is supported by art patrons - Joselito D. Campos {chairman}, Fernando Zobel de Ayala {Vice-Chair}, Antonino T. Aquino {President} - from the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. or BAFI.

Science in the park at The Mind Museum

Aside from Jollibee store, the first thing you'll see upon entering the Canopy Plaza of The Mind Museum is Science-in-the-Park - an outdoor educational playground.

1904 Richard Brasier Roadster. The first car to roll on Philippine Roads
1904 Richard Brasier Roadster 

The Mind Museum is not your typical "look, but don't touch" museum. Kids and kids-at-heart are encouraged to touch the more than 250 interactive exhibits in their five galleries: Life, Atom, Earth, Universe, and Technology.

The permission to touch doesn't give you the right to be an A {abusive}. You'll be asked to pay for whatever you break in the museum. So, before you touch anything, I encourage you to read their rules posted on the walls.

Here are some of the amazing and highly-educational things you will see inside The Mind Museum:

Life Gallery

The Life Gallery is an exhibit about the different habitats of this earth. The exhibit includes my favorite branch of Science: Biology; specifically, Anatomy and Physiology.  

Brain model at the mind museum

The giant model of the human brain {pictured above} lights up whenever you step on a specific button {with the brain's lobe} below. There's a corresponding explanation {e.g. Amygdala is for anger and rage} beside the lobe's name when lit . For those who still thinks that the feeling of 'love' comes from the heart, please do visit this exhibit.

Heart at The Mind Museum

whale shark at The Mind Museum

Cellular structures exhibit
Cellular structures

Giant hand
Hey, Thing!

Evolution of Man at The Mind Museum

Life-size models of the different types of man can be found in this gallery. You will see the evolution of man from the Heidelberg until the Cro-magnon. 

Below is the cool part of the exhibit! You can check which pre-historic man you resemble! 

Atom Gallery

As the name of the gallery suggests, the whole exhibit is about the importance of the basic building blocks of matter: Atom.  Here, you will understand better how atoms behave, move, and the wonderful things it does in everything around us.

Atom Gallery The Mind Museum

Newton's Cradle

You've probably seen a Newton's Cradle something-to-play-with-when-you're-bored toy inside an office, yes? Well, the one at The Mind Museum is the humongous version of that.

The toy was invented by Simon Prebble in 1967, and not Isaac Newton. Prebble just named the toy after the famous physicist because of Newton's law of motion which was one of the basis of the Newton's Cradle.

Melting chocolate bar

Static electricity hair raising
Hair-raising experience

Many line up to get electrocuted {above}; static electricity, that is. Just touch the metal ball in the middle and watch as you turn into a porcupine! 

I have always wondered why my static-ness worsens every time I'm in the States. Later on, I found out that low humidity worsens the static problem. Also, I found out that only a few dry materials {hair, carpet, dry skin, nylon, rubber, lead, cat fur} conduct static electricity. In the US, static warnings are posted at gas stations. They will ask you to touch the top of your car {or any metal} first before opening the gas tank cover or the fuel nozzle to release static charge. Static spark can start an explosion.

Universe Gallery

This gallery contains various fascinating astronomical models that depicts the important elements of the universe.   

Moon Mind Museum

Space Shell Planetarium at The Mind Museum
Photo from The Mind Museum Facebook Page


The dome-shaped theater features a short film {voice-over by Robert Redford!!!} about the universe. You can watch highly interesting stories about the universe while lying down comfortably on a soft memory foam mattress. The planetarium has a very sleep-conducive environment, I tell you. 

Earth Gallery

Earth Gallery at The Mind Museum

The Earth Gallery covers almost all of Earth Science's fields. Here, you will see the evolution of dinosaurs, and how they became extinct. Remember the report about how the dinosaurs farted themselves to death? Well, that theory is not part of this exhibit. Pffft.

In this gallery, you will also see the Geological Time Scale or the different ages of earth. Do you still remember all {ok, one at least} of them? What, no? Ha! Me too!

Not to be missed in the Earth Gallery is the Nature's Hour Glass. It is a mini theatre that can hold up to 50 people. Original 3D Filipino-made films such as Birthplace and Ang Simula about the earth's history are being shown inside from Tuesday-Sunday for 15 minutes each.

Son 2 digging out some fossils

Tyrannosaurus rex cast

A cast from the original fossils of the dinosaur with the most media exposure is probably the wow factor of the museum for most visitors. Each complete Tyrannosaurus rex cast is reportedly sold for $100,000! 

The massive exhibit is named after the infamous fossil hunter Stan Sacrison. He discovered the original 'Stan' - considered the best skull of any T. Rex - the dino fossils in South Dakota back in 1987. The original ones are now at the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc. in South Dakota along with 'Duffy' {discovered by Sacrison as well}.

You can say good bye to your shoe if you stepped on this one. 

If only all dungs can be this pretty; not necessarily this big! This one can be a home décor. 

The poop of the matter is, Coprolites or dinosaur dungs kept the forests lush and maintained the vegetation they {dinosaurs} ate in a dynamic state. It was an symbiotic cycle of poop-lush-eat. Yummy!

Fossil Resin or Amber Fossil

The Fossil Resin or Amber Fossil display {above} fascinated my eldest son to elation. Amber Fossils are valued for entombing insects, especially the ones from millions of years ago. 

Though popular nowadays as a jewelry piece or a decorative item, amber is considered to have superior  preservation qualities. In the movie Jurassic Park, the DNA of the cloned dinosaurs were extracted from mosquitoes preserved in amber. Fiction! I know, but it's possible.

Technology Gallery

Situated on the second floor of The Mind Museum, the Technology Gallery is the largest of all the five galleries. The gallery is divided into five different themes: How We Live, Who We Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here to There. You will see the good uses of technology and how it has improved our lives.

Escalator at the Mind Museum

Gutenberg Press at The Mind Museum
Gutenberg Press

A big hit among kids is the printing press model invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. Ink is rolled over the block of letters before placing a piece of paper and pressed by a wooden form.

Gutenberg Press

The Mind Museum
Voilà! The finish product.

Vintage Airplanes hanging from the ceiling

Vintage cars by CATS Motors The Mind Museum
Vintage cars by CATS Motors

It was a fun-filled, highly educational day at The Mind Museum. We're very proud of how the museum turned out. It's one of our country's gems. We just hope that everyone will treat it the way it should be treated. We end this post in the words of the scientific wonder, the Terminator - "I'll {or we'll) be back!". 

What Should I Bring?

> Money for tickets, food, and museum souvenirs. There's a souvenir shop {Hobbes and Landes} at the entrance.
> Camera. Take lots of photos.

Museum Rules:

> Pets are not allowed
> Take care of the exhibits. You may be asked to pay for any exhibit damage.
> Don't drag your bags around. The museum is not liable for any losses or damages.
> Walk at all times. No running or playing.
> Picture taking is allowed.
> Be curious and ask questions! -- Your goal is to come in ignorant and come out enlightened. Do ask the Mind Movers lots of questions. They're great! Our eldest son wants to become one. Maybe, they could do a summer program for kids as Mind Movers, yes?

Ticket Prices:
PhP 750 - All Day Pass

Tickets Prices with 3 hour limit:

PhP 600 - Adults
PhP 450 - Children and Private School Students (up to college)
PhP 150 - Public School Students (up to college)
PhP 150 - Teachers 
Senior Citizen & PWD discounts will be given at the gate upon presentation of ID for regular tickets.
Children 2 ft & below are FREE.

NOTE: A valid ID should be presented by students and teachers at the gate.

*We highly recommend that you purchase your ticket/s online.

Museum Facilities:

> 24/7 Jollibee at The Canopy Plaza
> The Mind Cafe by the Technology Gallery
> Handicapped restrooms
> Baby changing stations at the handicapped restrooms
> Wheelchair accessible
> Medic on duty

The Mind Museum Taguig
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Tel. No.: (632) 909 –MIND (6463)
Operating Hours: 
                Tuesdays - Sundays(closed on Mondays)
                TIME SLOTS:
                    9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
                    12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                    3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                    6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.(Sat. & Sun only)*

                           *There are no Mind Movers at this time slot.

Facebook: TheMindMuseum
Twitter: @themindmuseum
Instagram: @themindmuseum

Blog Credit: My eldest son helped me do this post. He filled me in on the interesting facts and showed me what details I should look for inside The Mind Museum. Thanks a lot to my li'l Einstein, J6! 
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