Happy 2013!!!

And just like that, it's the first day of a new year. 2012 happened so quickly! It was like, someone hit a fast forward button or something. Something came out great from last year though: we didn't die, the world didn't end. The preppers can tone down their anxiety levels now. Phew!

Since many of us will - or have started - with a fresh list of resolutions and aspirations, I'd like to share with you a very inspiring poem to start your year right. It's quite famous, so I'm pretty sure a lot of you are already familiar with it. The poem is entitled Desiderata, Latin for "Desired Things".

I first read Max Ehrmann's Desiderata when I was in high school {second year, I think}. What I like most about this prose are the simple truths that beset every single word. I think that everyone will have a truly well-lived life if this credo is religiously followed. Honestly, I haven't practiced all, but, I will...soon. Promise!

Desiderata Poem by Max Ehrmann

Happiness, Love, Good Health, Faith, Hope, Success.......A lot more in 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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