Patrick Dempsey Is Now The Proud Owner of Tully's!

Patrick Dempsey drinking Tully's coffee

Patrick Dempsey {a.k.a McDreamy} is really into the habit of "saving". Apart from lives, he now saves jobs! He is now the owner of the other Seattle coffee chain, Tully's. His investment group, Global Baristas, outbid mega coffee chain Starbucks during a private auction.

Dempsey, who plays the brilliant neurosurgeon with amazing hair Dr. Derek Shepherd on the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy, and his group of investors bought Tully's for $9.15 million.

The actor confirmed the victorious acquisition via Twitter on Thursday night. "We met the green monster, looked her in the eye, and...SHE BLINKED! We got it! Thank you Seattle!", Dempsey tweeted.

Tully's has been plagued by issues and financial difficulties for years. The company filed for bankruptcy and closed several shops in October of last year. 

Patrick Dempsey has been making the rounds at Tully's stores in Seattle.
I wanna be her arm!

Here's a treat for the ladies of Seattle: McDreamy is ready, able, and willing to take off his white coat and put on {ha!} a barista uniform to serve you! "I'm going to get behind the counter. I'm going to serve coffee ... I'm going to give the company a boost of energy", Dempsey told Associated Press. Hot!!!

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