Top 14 Best Valentine's Day Movies That Will Surely Give You Romantic Goosebumps

Not a big fan of crowded restaurants during Valentine's Day? Then just have a romantic dinner at home, then after that, pop one of these squeeze-my-heart-good-why-don't-yah movies! These will surely make you look at your snoozing man with little hearts floating from your eyes.

14. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Women will gush over any movie with two things: a bad boy {especially if he's Ryan Gosling!!!} who turns into a one-woman man, and a serious makeover! The story of how Cal Weaver {Steve Carell} fought for his wife despite the latter's infidelity was intensely heartening. That's a grown-up kind of love. The Stone-Gosling scenes were electrifying! I bit my clenched fist to muffle a scream when Hannah {Emma Stone} went to the bar and surprised Jacob {Ryan Gosling} with a big, wet smooch! Love X 100 their "big move" scene!!! 

13. 50 First Dates

How many of you looked at Adam Sandler differently after this movie? Sort of like *gulp* a hottie? Guilty! I fell head over heels in love with his character, and Sandler for like a month. How could you not? To make a woman fall in love with you every single day is just aaaahhhh-mazing!

12. Amélie

Ah, French people. Their language and their famous city can make your heart skip a beat. This movie will both make you fall in love and restore your faith in humanity. Audrey Tatou made the character of Amélie irresistibly charming! If I'm a guy, Amélie would be the perfect girl for me. She has a mischievous grin, is smart, has a good heart, and utterly inquisitive.

11. Notting Hill

This movie is somewhat like Pretty Woman in reverse. In this movie, Julia Roberts' {Anna Scott} the famous and rich one who fell for a geeky and incredibly cute commoner. This movie bore one of the most memorable lines of all time: "I'm also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her". Cheesy but sweet.

10. Chances Are

Chances Are is really one of the best pre-stoned Robert Downey, Jr. movies! It's such a sweet, sweet story of true love and reincarnation. Best scene was when Alex Finch {Robert Down, Jr.} played the song "After All' on the piano. *sigh* I was pretty bummed that he didn't finish the whole song. 

9. A Walk to Remember

I'm not really into Nicholas Sparks novels, but this story just made me love the imagination of the author. I watched the movie first before I read the book. The movie magnified the beauty of the story 10 times more because of Shane West and Mandy Moore! The movie also has an impressive soundtrack! 

8. Serendipity

Only in the movies will you let go of someone you had an instant deep connection with and leave your reunion to fate and chance. The movie is rich with the idea of "true love will find a way" concept that hopeless romantics dream about. Bonus is the quote towards the end of the movie: “The Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: Did he have passion?” 

7. Reality Bites

Is there any other more quintessential Gen-X movie than Reality Bites? Done during the era when MTV was still cool and grunge ruled. Troy {Ethan Hawke}, with his scruffy look and too much coolness is the "better guy" in the movie; but, girls, in real life, Michael Bates {Ben Stiller} is the better choice. Just saying. Oh, and this is another movie with remarkable songs! 

6. Some Kind of Wonderful

This is definitely some kind of wonderful! Created by the late sensational filmmaker, John Hughes, this movie is one of the ultimate romantic teenage movies that will give you the good kind of goosebumps. A boyish girl who falls in love with her best friend cliché done right. 

5. Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Darcy is the original Mr. Grey, sans the flagrant brain. He was very appealing with all his enigmatic aura, stature, and beautiful face. I fell absolutely in love with both the book and the movie. The time setting alone made the movie very romantic. It was a time when discipline in rich language was the norm. It was a time when a lady was treated as a lady

4. Sabrina

Nothing beats the original....especially when Audrey Hepburn's in it! I love watching old movies! I love the clothes, hairstyles, manner, and the characters didn't need to be all sexual to prove a point {such as being in love}. Sabrina is a simple feel-good movie that will give you a romantic thrill without too much effort. I really fall for these types of scripts; powerful guys that falls for unjaded ladies. Again, very Grey-ish!

3. Love Actually

Love Actually is my absolute fave movie with stitched-up storylines. Each story is fascinating and shows the different kinds of L-O-V-E. Even the bromance between singer {Bill Nighy} and his manager's {Gregor Fisher} highly interesting. My favorite scene is the one pictured above. Awwwwww...

2. Pretty Woman

I've actually lost count of the times I've seen Pretty Woman. This is the kind of movie that gives hope {false or true, your choice} to any woman. Pretty Woman is the reason why I don't look at hookers differently. Really. I mean, do you know any girl who would put "to become a hooker" in their list of dreams? Anyhoo, Mr. Edward Lewis {Richard Gere} surely knows how to make a woman's heart smile with his to-die-for gestures and surprises. An epitome of a modern day knight. 

1. Up

You're laughing. Well, just get past all the cartoony stuff and the fat kid of this movie and focus on the romance. I think, everyone will agree with me when I say that this is the kind of love we are all aiming for. To grow old with someone who truly values your worth. They're my ideal couple! They truly, truly love each other. Carl's extra effort to please his wife all the time - even after her death  - is the true meaning of love and devotion for me.

“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.”

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