Wrangler's Cellulite-Busting Jeans


Wrangler Denim Spa

With the current economy, kill-two-birds-with-one-stone type of products seems to be a really good buy. A new product that fits into that specific category is the Denim Spa by Wrangler. A pair, apparently, is packed with built-in moisturizing and.......wait for it......anti-cellulite treatments!

The jeans with beauty enhancing factors will be available in three finishes of various waist cuts: Olive Extract {moisturizes skin}, Aloe Vera {soothes sensitive skin}, and Smooth Legs

Smooth Legs is the one that is highly-anticipated due to its cellulite-busting properties. The denims are infused with a mixture of caffeine, retinol, and algae extract to diminish existing cellulite. 

Do they work? According to a test done at the Institut Adriant in France, those who wore Smooth Legs for eight hours a, five days a week for six weeks {including Holidays} claimed that their dimpled thighs have improved. 

Lizzie Jagger models the Wrnagler Denim Spa
Lizzie Jagger models the Denim Spa

According to Wrangler, the jeans can retain their "cocktail of wonders"  for up to 95 wears. So, what happens after that? They return to plain old jeans? 

You also need to give your jeans' ingredients a boost {via a reload spray} after 15 days. The spray is sold separately.

I have a big question mark on this product. The whole idea sounds good...too good to be true. We'll soon find out if the company's claim does work. The Denim Spa will be launched on Jan. 28 on asos.com for $136.

What do you think? Will you get a pair?

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