7 Crushable Celebrity Men


John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Being dead doesn't mean getting booted off someone's crush list. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was the most beautiful man during his time. He was so gorgeous that women overlooked his poofy 'do and focused instead on his pedigree, degree, and machismo. He's such a waste. I always pictured him sitting at the Resolute Desk at the Oval Office

Johnny Depp

No guy, dead or otherwise, can pull off the cool, rugged, smelly-bum look better than Johnny Depp. Others try, but they just end up looking plain sloppy. Depp's not just a pretty face; the guy can act...well! I'm not so much into his bizarre movie hook-ups with Tim Burton but I like him a lot in Pirates of the Caribbean. Fashion-wise, he had the best style during the time he was with Kate Moss. He looked really savvy during those times.

Bradley Cooper

A hot guy is very much swoon-worthy enough; but a hot guy with brains is potent! Bradley Cooper graduated with honors at Georgetown University and is fluent in one of the sweetest languages in the world: French. With all his charm and brains, I wonder why he doesn't have that much girlfriends. Maybe, he's just picky.

Yoann Gourcuff

I don't like football. Again, I don't like football; but when Yoann Gourcuff is playing, I love it! This guy not only speaks French, he is French! That adds a little something to his gorgeousness don't you think? French men are the champions of bewithchery. I couldn't care less if he tells me a whole lotta crappy talk as long as he utters them all in his native tongue. Oh là là!

Daniel Henney

If Christian Grey {sorry, I can't help it}, was Asian, his perfect on screen embodiment would be Daniel Henney. Have you seen this guy in a suit? Have you seen this guy without a suit? Same kind of hotness! Heck, he can wear tattered clothes and still look gorgeous!  

Matt Bomer

Alright, ladies, let's just all stop cursing because Matt Bomer is gay. Even if he ain't, we don't have a chance. This guy, with his chiseled face and Greek god bod is oozing with too much libido. Bomer is still the top contender for the role of the guy that every woman wants to be with and the guy every man wants to be {at the moment at least}: Christian Grey. Bomer's my bet! 

Prince Andrea Casiraghi

Hailing from Grace Kelly's DNA, it's no surprise that Prince Andrea Casiraghi looks this way. What about Prince Albert II? Who? Anyway, Princess Caroline's son, with his cool, no-nonsense persona is a philanthropist. Did you know that he went to Manila back in 2006 to visit Amade-Virlanie Foundation? It's a   socio-civic foundation {supported by his mother} that provides care for abused kids. Isn't he next in line to the throne after Prince Albert II? WHO?!!! The hottie with a heart speaks French {?}, and three other languages!

Fess up, ladies! Who are your crushes?

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