Burger Bar at Greenbelt 2

My husband was smiling like a Cheshire cat on our way to Burger Bar. Burgers are really his thing; fifteen years ago it was one of the six things that he chose to digest. I kid you not! When we first started dating {cue Can't Fight This Feeling...piano version}, he was only eating burgers, a few pasta dishes, hotdogs, SPAM, bacon, and chicken nuggets. Such a sad, sad life. I well up a bit whenever I think about it.

By the grace of God and my egging, he added seven more in his very own food category. Mighty proud!

Burger Bar and Nam Nam at Greenbelt 2

'Nuff with the heavy and onto Burger Bar. Burger Bar is located at the spot where Masas used to be. The place is now a two-fold establishment. The upper floor is where Burger Bar is situated while the lower floor is occupied by Nam Nam.

Burger Bar Patties Philippines
A little Burger Bar 101.  They also have what they call a House Blend.

The Dip of Warm Artichoke and Spinach
The Dip of Warm Artichoke and Spinach  PhP 285

Our journey towards gastronomic euphoria started with The Dip of Warm Artichoke and Spinach. The starter was simply unicornish! The crusty baked top layer gives way to a wonderful creamy concoction of cheese, artichoke, and spinach. Warm, crispy tortilla chips {thank God they're not salty} were the perfect accompaniment.

There you go!

The 4Cheese Chuck Burger Bar
The 4Cheese Chuck Single Patty  PhP 245

Big confession: I'm not a big burger fan. Beats the hell out of me as to why I even married a burger lover. Anyway, having said all that, Burger Bar's The 4Cheese Chuck made me look at burgeres in a whole new light. I wasn't sold at first blush; but when I took a bite, everything changed.

Among the four patty blends, the 4Cheese Chuck belongs to the Beef Bomb category. It comes in double and single patties. I chose the latter and was glad that I did. The patty is bigger than what most Filipinos are used to. It's very filling, delicious, juicy, and well-seasoned. Combined with the soft, melted cheese {yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, and mozzarella} and the arugula, it becomes an explosion of goodness. The hearty sesame seed bun complimented everything well. The fries was a bit of a letdown. I prefer the thicker ones.

The Piggy Burger Bar
The Piggy Single Patty   PhP 245

I first learned about Burger Bar when witty food blogger and self-confessed bacon enthusiast, The Pickiest Eater posted a photo of The Piggy on Instagram. I showed the picture to my husband. "Like, like?", I asked. "That's my B {burger...ha!}", he said.  

The Piggy's patty is a mixture of Chuck and Short Rib {The Beef Bomb}. The patty itself was already delicious, but, with the addition of bacon strips, it switches to deadly good! The bacony taste is further enhanced by a dollop of home-made bacon jam! Killer, I tell you!

Molten Chocolate Bottoms

Here's another killer for you: molten chocolate cake in a jar! Rich, thick, gooey chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, and chocolate chips. Served in the same jar it's baked in {all Burger Bar's desserts are served in jars}, the deliriously good dessert features a deep kind of chocolate that has a clay-like texture. Chocolate fanatics will get a kick out of this one. A real must-try!

Molten Chocolate Bottoms Burger Bar
Molten Chocolate Bottoms  PhP 135

Cappuccino  PhP 90

Caffeine is my best friend. I simply cannot function sanely without it. I capped off the meal with a hot cup of Cappuccino. I didn't find it all that good. It lacked creaminess and balance.  

Burger Bar's Iced Green Tea, on the other hand, is a real winner. It was very refreshing and has the right kind of sweetness. I downed three glasses of this {below}!

Iced Green Tea Burger Bar
Iced Green Tea  PhP 65

Burger Bar's service is excellent. The servers were very attentive and knowledgeable about their products. The place was jam-packed that day, but service was still quite fast. Special thanks to our server whose name escapes me right now {starts with the letter R}. Good job! 

I doubt if the nice treatment we got was related to me being a blogger. The servers were really nice to all. Of course, they figured out that I'm a blogger. Taking photos of food is normal. Nowadays, we take photos of food before eating, whereas before, we pray. Heaven help your poor soul if you accidentally consume your dish without taking pictures of it.

Taking photos of the menu is, however, not normal. That kinda gives me away. If a non-blogger takes photos of restaurant menu, he/she's probably a plunderer of food ideas or a kooky. 

Quality: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Burger Bar PH

Level 1 Greenbelt 2, Greenbelt Ext, Makati, Philippines
Tel. Nos.: (02) 625.27.92; (0917) 539.96.61

Operating Hours: Mon - Wed: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
                               Thu - Sat: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
                               Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

Facebook: Burger BarPH
Twitter: BurgerBarPH

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