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Alright, I'm just gonna come clean and say it. Yes, I've contributed in one way or another in abusing the environment. Guilty as charged! But now, I'm trying my best to make amends with Mother Earth. Really.

Just like I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of people have become aware of the disastrous effects of environmental abuse. The good news is that, more and more are helping the environment heal and stop further damage. One great way is by having your used stuff recycled.....and get paid for doing it! How? In a minute.

I've acquired tons of CD's and DVD's over the years. I have three big chests full of them. They've made me really happy and have served me well; but, I think it's time to let go of some...or maybe, most of them. I found a great site where you can sell your used DVD's, CD's, and video games. They recycle most of these stuff and turn them to ballpoint pens, traffic cones, and much more!

I was drawn to musicMagpie because of the "Help the Environment" factor embedded in their business core. Did you know that DVD's, CD's, and video games end up in landfills and eventually becomes harmful to the environment? Did you also know that CD's have as much as 20mg of gold in them? No? Me neither! I just learned it from the aforementioned site!
My big chest number 1

For a minimum of 10 items {maximum of 500}, you can have your used stuff shipped to them for FREE. You must ensure that all items are in good working condition, of course. They will tell you how to package the items properly to avoid damage during transit.

I like the fact that I can check how much each of my items are worth. You can either manually check the prices by entering the barcode number of your items or turn your webcam into a barcode scanner. The latter's easier and way more fun! The most fun part of it all is the fact that the site will not charge you for both or for anything. You can check yours now!

If you need further information, please visit Oh, and one more thing, you can get paid via an e-voucher or a check. If you so wish, they can also donate your payment to a charity of your choice. 

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