IKEA To Open It's First Manila Store Soon?


Braise yourselves Ikea fans! There's a big chance that the flat pack furniture company will open its first Manila store soon!

According to Ikano Group's {Ikea franchisee for Asia} managing director, Christian Rojkjaer, their company is currently awaiting the approval of their application from Ikea. The Ikano Group, owned by the Kamprad family, was originally part of the Swedish furniture retailer. Ikea's founder, Ingvar Kamprad, is where the company got its first two letters. E stands for Elmtaryd {farm where Kamprad grew up}, and A is for Agunnaryd {Kamprad's hometown}.

Christian Rojkjaer said that they are looking for a place in Manila where they can fit the giant store. They need 40,000 square meters...per store! BGC will be a good fit {still} for this kind of specifications. The Ikano group is planning to open three Ikea stores in Manila. I don't know where they will put the rest; maybe, on top of buildings.

Ikea is currently targeting emerging Asian countries for expansion. They already have more than 280 stores worldwide. In Asia, Ikea has stores in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

I used to buy a lot of Ikea's pillows and have them shipped here. They have one for each type of sleeper! I also bought a lot of their cutleries and racks. Ikea's like S&R or Costco for me. Every single product looks good. You'll end up convincing yourself that you need everything. By the time you reach the cashier, you have two full carts of goods!

If Ikea is truly opening stores here in the Philippines, can I make a small request? Please include self-checkout kiosks. Barcode scanner guns make me really happy. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only Pinoy who enjoys that kind of thing. Just a suggestion. wink

More of this here.

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