Marc Jacobs' Make-Up Line X Sephora


I guess it's pretty easy to multitask when you're overflowing with creative juices {it's ok to share} like Marc Jacobs! Apart from developing fantastic creations for his own fashion label, MJ is also busy with Vuitton and his fragrances. The multi-slashy genius is apparently not yet done reinventing himself! He's now venturing into the make-up business.

After the release of his newest fragrance, Dot, Jacobs is creating a new line of beauty products in collaboration with Sephora. The fashion designer kept lull on what the collection exactly includes; he, however, set the date for its release. According to Fashionista, the beauty products will be available at Sephora on 8.9.2013!

I'm pretty much psyched about this one! He's done amazing things in the course of his career. I'm sure that this will be another addition to his success list. Might up his place as one of the most powerful gays in the US!

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