Starbucks Verismo: Create Your Perfect Caffè Latte in 3 Simple Steps {PICTURES}

You're on the right page if you're the type of person who just bought a Starbucks Verismo 580 {or about to} but hates reading the manual. For a coffee lover {that's yours truly}, unboxing the Verismo is almost like hugging Johnny Depp. I was way past the feeling of joy!
I blogged about this machine when it was first released a couple of months ago. I was seriously anticipating its release, being a big fan of the brand and all. Let's first start with the aesthetics. I love the sleek, attractive, and contemporary look of the Starbucks Verismo 580. It's pretty compact and doesn't take much space.

I love that it's not at all intimidating! I hate machines that need to be talked to or prayed to for proper cooperation. The purpose of technology is to make our lives easier, not stressful! The Verismo is very user-friendly and idiot-proof. 

The Verismo 580 Parts and Pods

The machine comes with a box of caffè latte pods good for 8 servings.

There are three types of Verismo coffee pods: Brewed, Espresso, and Caffè Latte {includes milk pods}. The Brewed Coffee Pod is the most distinctive out of all the pods because of the foil tab located at the bottom. The tab needs to be removed before brewing.

The power button is located on top, right beside the lever. As part of its energy saving feature, the Verismo will shut off after five minutes when idle. Wait for the lights of the three buttons {Rinsing/Espresso, Brewed Coffee, Milk Pods} to stop blinking before pushing. Blinking lights means that the machine is not ready yet.

You can remove the top tray for bigger mugs or glass containers. Make sure to put the tray cover on top of the bottom tray.

Lift the lever to access the pod container. You can only put one pod at a time. As you can see below, placing the pod is dummy-proof. The pod container is grooved properly for exact placement. Inside the machine, there's a needle-like device that siphons its content.

Step 1: Prep the Verismo

Fill the water tank {1 liter} with filtered or bottled water located behind the machine. You need to rinse the machine before you use it by simply pressing the button for rinsing {topmost}.

The water tank has a handle that makes it so easy to take out and put back on. 

Step 2: Milk Pod

Lift the lever to expose the pod container.

Drop the Milk pod first. Close the lever properly. You can push milk pod button right after you hear the click. Prepare yourself for a loud vibrating sound!

Step 3: Espresso Pod

Next, lift the Starbucks Verismo lever again and insert the Espresso Pod. Shut the lever tight and wait for your perfect cup of caffè latte! That's it!

The whole thing is automatically timed. You don't need to push the button for it to stop. You can do other stuff while waiting for your cup of caffè latte. 

The quality of the caffè latte is almost as good as the one being sold at Starbucks stores. You can fine tune your creation by adding different kinds of syrups to recreate your favorite Starbucks drink! I make my own version of Caramel Macchiato by simply adding caramel and vanilla syrup. 

DISCLOSURE: I received the Starbucks Verismo 580 as a gift from Starbucks USA. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

Onward and Upward!

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