5 Acne Triggering Habits to Avoid

Acne is one big headache to treat! You go about a hundred products that claims to cure acne but does so little to the problem. No matter how hard it was, you avoided all the foods that trigger acne but they still won't go away! The culprit could be these hard habits to break!


Sleep Loss

Let's not be too judgmental and immediately point our fingers to Twitter, Facebook, and the whole Web as the culprit for sleep loss. I agree that it's a contributing factor; but, there are people who are born nocturnal {me!}. 

There's been much debate about this acne triggering factor. Some experts claim that there's no truth to it while others say that it's real. Based on experience, consistent sleep loss equals to one or two gigantic zits!

According to a study, lack of sleep increases cytokines - a type of non antibody protein secreted by the cells. Too much Cytokines makes the skin more prone to acne.

Sleep loss creates insulin resistance as well. When you're sleep deprived, your body produces more insulin than it should to keep your blood sugar to a normal level. An increase in insulin production increases sebum {oil} production that causes acne. 



A lot of scientists have been saying this, but some people are still not convinced: Stress can cause a lot of damage to our body! 

I myself shrugged this finding off for quite some time {there's no solid link between stress and acne yet, only theories} until I experienced its effects. Not only did it cause acne breakouts, it also caused my period to stop for three months. That was the first time it happened to me. After I calmed down and have dealt with the stressor completely, my period went back almost immediately and my face cleared in about two months.

Think of your body as a car or any kind of machine you prefer. When it's being overused and abused, it sends a warning sign like those little lights on your car's dashboard. The acne is your warning sign to calm down and achieve eustress {the good kind of stress}.


Hair Touching Face

Hair care products make us pretty...and ugly at the same time. Tons of these products have ingredients that can trigger an acne breakout. If you can't avoid using such products, then don't let your hair touch your face {especially if you have an acne-prone skin}! Keep 'em back in a bun or in a ponytail. No matter how much you're itching to channel Michelle Obama with a blunt fringe...don't!

Wearing the Wrong Kind of Cosmetics

If you tell a woman to go totally naked {cosmetically speaking}, there's a big chance that you'll get a big slap in the face! Cosmetics are necessities to us women; just like oxygen. You have to find the right kind of cosmetics for your skin type. Even the expensive brands that claim to not cause any breakout and inflammation may do just that. I used to buy high-priced cosmetics because I had this notion that if the product is expensive, it works well. Unfortunately, some proved me wrong. It all depends on what's suitable and what really works for you. 


Frequent Washing and Exfoliating

It's logical to think that washing and scrubbing your face frequently will lessen the breakout, right? Wrong! Frequent washing and exfoliating strips the face of natural oils and increases the production of more unwanted oils that triggers acne. According to my dermatologist, it's best to limit washing the face to twice a day and exfoliate once a week. Use a mild facial exfoliator and avoid rubbing it too much.

Share some of your zit zapping tips with me!

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