8 Snakeskin Fab Finds For The Year Of The Snake


When I was a teenager, our helper gave me pieces of snake skin sheds to put in between the pages of my books. According to her, it will give me good luck. I did what I was told, not because I believe in superstitious mumbo jumbo, but because they looked nice! I did get good grades, by the way, but I doubt that it was because of that.

The Year of the Snake is said to bring good fortune for those who fall under this sign. Ahem...me! I want to up the ante with a scaly product or two. Snakeskins are one of the best looking exotic leathers. They have that certain iridescence {hologrammy} that makes them pretty to look at from different angles. Actually, amongst the 12 Chinese zodiacs, the dragon is the coolest; but since no known product in existence is made from dragon skin, I'll just stick to snakeskins. But if you know any dragon skin {authentic} bags or something, please hit me up! I'm very much interested!

Let's just stick to snakeskins for now until we find dragon skin prods. These are the scaly things I'm crushin' on!

The Queen of all things posh's Soft Paneled Snakeskin Tote screams luxurious minimalism from every angle. Victoria Beckham's tote with simple dark green snakeskin panel against the all white body is gorgeous! I prefer roomy structured bags than slouchy ones. It's just easier to look for stuff inside with the former. This one will look amazing with an all black ensemble. 

Metallic and snakeskins? Yes please!!! These bangles from Vita Fede come in dangerously yummy hues that it's hard to pick just one! Unfortunately, I have to pick just one. Boo! I'm going for gold!

These new varnishes from one of my favorite brands, Essie, are sssssssssimply brilliant! It looks like a run-of-the-mill polish at first glance; it changes into its scaly form, however, once applied. Essie's Magnetics collection comes with a magnet that makes the micro-ions embedded in the polish create a snakeskin pattern! I'd love a bottle of Ssssssexy, Repstyle, and Crocadilly

This Ann Taylor Intense Exotic Leather Snakeskin Skinny Belt in bright lapis is so beautiful! It can prettify even the most mundane outfit. I'd wear it with this dress and these shoes.

I first saw a pair of Linda Farrow Snakeskin Sunglasses on Rihanna two years ago and was absolutely smitten! The color and shape of these Snakeskin Wrapped Sunnies is far better than that. These will definitely be a go-to pair all year round!  It's big, bold, and glam! 

Isn't this the cutest? My love affair with Minnie and Mickey Mouse will never end! I will wear Disney products even if I don't know who they are {or me} anymore due to dementia or something. Disney items bring back a lot of good childhood memories for me. My first ever watch is like this Disney Faux Leather Strap, but with a different strap color. 

The play of colors on this tri-strapped Vionnet Zadina Snakeskin shoes is divine! A pair can easily liven up the simplest attire for an urban-chic look! The thin straps makes it extra, extra sexy!

I don't like snakeskin patterns in big, obvious chunks {tacky}; I prefer 'em in small doses only. That was my fashion preference before I saw these pair of 7 for All Mankind Skinny Jeans. I love the subtlety of its snakeskin print. Definitely classy, not tacky. These pair of skinnies will look great with a plain black shirt and silver or hot pink flats.

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