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Hi, ladies! It's that time of the year again to walk proud, stand tall, and scream "I'm a woman, hear me roar!" {without feeling like a lunatic}. It's International Women's Day tom.!

In case you haven't read it yet, my featured power woman for tomorrow is Ms. Julie Deane, owner of The Cambridge Satchel Company. Do check out my interview with her here.

International Women's Day is all about embracing everything about being a woman more than anything. Not apologizing for every single womanly trait that men feel as demeaning to one's character. If you wanna cry for two hours before, during, and after watching a chick flick - it's ok. If you wanna ask your significant other "Am I fat?" 106 times a day - it's ok. If you wanna answer 7 Cosmo {Is He Really, Really, Really Into You?} quizzes a day - it's ok! 

We rock! I've stopped figuring out the true answer to the proverbial gender question {Who's better, man or woman?} ever since I realized that I can bleed for five days straight {sometimes seven} without dying. We are better than men!

Here's one more thing I will never ever apologize for - shopping! There! I said it! Majority of women love to shop because we are built with a special shopping DNA. It's physiologic. I did a guest post about the quest for wanting a lot of things last year. 

Scientists have studied the so-called "shopping gene" of women. I don't know anything about that; but, here's what I know - women love to shop because companies keep making darn good bags and shoes! 

I pay for 85% of my purchases, so it's ok!!! I wanna say 100% just to look like I'm a total independent woman, but my husband's gonna read this post so... Maybe, next time.

Here's one more reason {or excuse} to shop! In celebration of International Women's Day, Zalora is giving a 10% discount on...get this...ALL accessories, clothing, and SHOES!!! Come to momma!

It's gonna be for ONE day only. The promo will start tomorrow, March 8, 2013. Avail of Zalora's discount HERE!

Leave a pair for me, ladies! 

International Women's Day Discount Shopping Zalora

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