Eat Fresh: Hong Kong Style Street Food in San Juan

I've been wanting to try Eat Fresh along J. Abad Santos in San Juan for quite a few months now. The words "Street Food" incorporated on their big bold signage was the drawing factor for me. 

I love street food! For some unbeknowst reason, I find the ones they sell at cruddy street stalls yummier than say, if I was gonna make some at home. It's probably the sauce...or something else entirely. I don't know. Manila's street food was featured as one of the best in Asia on CNN Go by Lina Goldberg by the way. 

I haven't tried Hong Kong's street food so I really have no point of comparison. But, if HK's street food is as good as the ones they serve at Eat Fresh, then I have another reason to go back to the fragrant harbour.

Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food San Juan Philippines

I thought that Eat Fresh was a food-to-go type of establishment. It was through Patty's blog that I learned about their dining area behind the grilling station and their à la carte menu as well.

The place is like an old house converted into a restaurant. It's the biggest food establishment along the now known food haven that is J. Abad Santos street. The dining area is small, so I suggest that you come in early for either lunch or dinner; otherwise, you're gonna have to wait for a table or bring your food home. I'd go for the former since bringing cooked food home isn't as fun - and as good - as eating it in the restaurant. 

The parking is a pain! It's a busy narrow street that's always filled with parked cars on both sides. You can try to score a spot on the side streets though.

Street Food inside a glass display

We had quite a dilemma on which to order because all the skewered delicacies looked good...and clean! When in doubt, ask the servers for recommendations.

Fish balls
Fish Balls  PhP 25

The fish balls were plump, delish, and perfectly fried. They have different bottled sauces on each table for the skewered food. I forgot to take a shot of 'em. Sowee!

fried stuffed chili peppers
Fried Stuffed Chili {2 pcs/order}  PhP 45

This fried stuffed chili is the bomb! The meat stuffing is finely grounded and well seasoned. It's full of flavor and has the right amount of heat. I think they removed the seeds to tame down the spice. I'd eagerly go back to Eat Fresh just for this! 

bacon wrapped asparagus, shitake, and enoki mushrooms glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce
Yakitori {2 pcs}  PhP 95

Eat Fresh's bacon wrapped asparagus, shitake, and enoki mushrooms glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce is another winner. Two pieces is satisfying enough for one. The wraps were chunky and delicious! We ordered two more of these upon the insistence of my husband.

pork siomai dumplings
Pork Siomai  PhP 65

These dumplings were bigger than the ones we normally see. They were alright in terms of taste. We didn't find it that good, but they weren't bad either. So-so.

beef noodle soup hot pot
Beef Noodle Soup  PhP 115

Our eldest ordered a hot bowl of Beef Noodle Soup because he was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted something comforting. This was comforting indeed! The broth was hearty and very flavorful! The noodles, though thin, had a really nice texture. Even the dumplings swimming in the soup were good.

Beef Brisket Claypot Rice
Beef Brisket Claypot Rice  PhP 135

I can never live without rice! I think that the no rice diet is absolutely absurd and should be banned from the face of the earth completely. In fairness to me, I tried to go without rice for a year. I only got through almost three weeks without it. If I went any further, I'd slap everyone I saw eating white rice.

Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food rice is really commendable. It made the beef brisket extra delish! The sauce was a perfect mix of sweet and salty. The beef was so tender that it easily separates when poked with chopsticks. The burned inner bottom evenly created a smokey flavour throughout the dish.

Chicken and Chinese Sausage Combo Claypot Rice  Ph 150

This would be better if the chicken is deboned and cut up in small pieces. The rice was able to fully absorb all the flavors of the ingredients. It was really satisfying.

Special Fried Rice  PhP 85

You're probably wondering what viand we paired this fried rice with? It's the pork siomai. My husband is quite a food freak and prefers to eat siomai with rice. 

For that kind of price, I dare say that it can rival the fried rice of most Chinese restos. We like that it's not oily and seasoned lightly.

Iced Tea with Lemon {1 litre}  PhP 95

They have two sizes of iced tea and lemonade at Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food. For the iced tea, I got the bigger one since I find the other cup size too small to accompany our heavy meal. The 1 L cup is as big as the sumo iced tea of Tokyo Tokyo. It was quite good but very sweet. The lemonade, on the other hand, was light and very refreshing. 

Fresh Lemonade  PhP 50

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food
691 J. Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City,
Tel. no.: (02) 296.65.73
Facebook: Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food

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