Jeans: Not Just A Seasonless Fashion Piece

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Apart from white shirts, jeans are the other piece of clothing that I can't seem to get enough of. In an erratic world of fashion, jeans is a major constant. Over the years, I've collected different cuts and colors.

I'm notorious for giving away my used clothes. I've given quite a lot, but I never give my precious "blues" away. I still have the ones I used back in high school! I have a valid reason for this.

Jeans provide more than just a piece of clothing for me. They're my measuring instrument for weight! Weighing scales lie! Really! Not all are built the same. Different scale, different weight. Jeans are  pretty much accurate. This is the reason {another} why I keep 'em all. If I can fit in my, say, high school jeans, that means, I'm thin. If not, then I'm sexy! kiss

Pictured above is one of my favorite jeans look. I love how a distressed pair {1} looks with a clean white shirt {2}. The shirt should be a little loose to get that effortless stylish effect. Just tuck in the front of the shirt a bit, but not the whole thing.

Prettify a simple look with awesome accessories: 
3. classic aviators
4. floppy brim fedora
5. tan leather bag
6. a cute bangle
7. extra cute necklace
8. killer heels
9. oversize rugged watch

How do you wear your jeans? Do share! 

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