Unleash Your Potential and Solve Problems Using Mind Maps

Is your brain more talkative than you? Yep, I have that problem too. 

No matter how many warnings we give our brain to hush down {or else!}, it just won't. It can be really frustrating at times. You can't fault your mind for that because it is its primary function. It's not being personal; just doing its job, that's all.

What if you could use that natural tendency of your brain for something better? Something that will both unleash your creative juices and solve the most bugging problems that you have? How? Through Mind Maps!

This powerful technique will untap your brain's potential and let's you see things that you never thought you knew. I found out about mind maps roughly a year and a half ago and have constantly used it during major decisions. I actually first learned about it through our eldest son. They were taught how in school. 

I'm a visual learner. I thrive on putting my ideas through images- that's why I also like vision boards - so, mind mapping really works for me. Don't get me wrong though. It's not only visual (spatial) learners who will reap the benefits of Mind Maps. It can be used by other learners - Auditory and Kinesthetic - as well.

What is a Mind Map?

Tony Buzan, Mind Map's inventor, describes it as a "powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain". It is said to enhance your cortical skills - logic, spatial awareness, color, image, analysis, and number.

It's like a family tree of some sort, but its not only limited to vertical and horizontal format. The lines can go anywhere and can branch out to different directions. It's sort of like a more creative form of  free writing and brainstorming.


Who can use Mind Maps?

Anyone who has a mind.......can write and read.

What's In It For you?

  • It's fun to do
  • Helps you (and your kids) to study better
  • You can breed more ideas in a shorter amount of time
  • It provides clarity
  • Creates awareness
  • Helps in better reasoning and judgement
  • It will help you during major (and even minor) decisions
  • It can help solve your problems
  • It can sharpen your mind

Tools You need for Mind Mapping

  • A paper
  • A pen - you can use multiple colored pens, highlighters, crayons, etc. 
  • And your mind! 

How to Create Mind Maps?

  • Put your main topic in the middle of a clean white {preferably} paper. Highlight the main topic so that it'll stand out from the rest when your mind map is done.
  • Start branching out from that central topic
  • Write down whatever comes to mind

That's it! You can connect your ideas or sub branches as you go along. You'll see the big picture in no time!

The answers are all there inside that amazing organ of yours. You just need to let it run its natural course and dig in a little deeper. Mind Mapping takes practice. Don't get frustrated when you have a hard time with it during your first take. Be patient. It takes a short while to see its benefits. Once you do, it may make your life just a tad bit better. Try it! 

"Free your mind, and the rest follow..."

Share your mind mapping techniques with me! I wanna learn more!

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