Vampire Facelift: A Horrorific Way to Rejuvinate the Skin?


Ready to drink the blood of a virgin maiden to get that youthful glow? No need to! Enter the ghoulish world of the Vampire Facelift!

The whole obsession with vampire {blame Stephenie Meyer} has apparently found it's way to the world of aesthetics. I joined the bandwagon a long time ago. Why not? They're immortal, forever young, and hot - some of 'em at least. I'd gladly endure the pain of the first bite just so I could move as fast as them. It'll save me tons of money on gas, plus, I'll forever have glitters all over my body.

The procedure is now made famous by Kanye West's baby mama. Millions of viewers watched Kim Kardashian scream in pain as she was undergoing the bloody procedure on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Takes Miami. I don't know why she had that done in the first place. Her skin's already flawless!

What is the Vampire Facelift?

Some calls is Vampire Facelift, while others calls it Vampire Facial. The proper term of the procedure is actually Selphyl

The procedure has been around since 2009 and has been plagued by debates. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Phil Haeck“There are no scientific studies, only personal attestations."

Blood has a lot of components. In this procedure, they will remove all the other component leaving only platelets rich plasma {PRP}. They will then mix it with a Hyaluronic Acid fillers before injecting it into the patient's skin. Youch!

How is it done?

It's an autologous type of procedure; meaning, the blood used is the patient's own. Blood will be drawn from the patient's arm. They will then separate the blood components via a centrifuge. The PRP is then mixed with the fillers. 

Now, the fun begins! The patient's face is covered by the blood mixture before being treated with a device called the Dermapen. The innocent looking pen has tiny needles inside that punctures the skin, allowing the blood mixture to penetrate. This is the culprit that made Kardashian go, "Oh, that hurts so bad?" I could've sworn I heard her say this line before. I forgot where.

What's in it for you?

Aside from looking like Carrie during the whole 45-minute procedure, apparently, the procedure will also:

> Make your skin supple
> Remove fine lines and wrinkles
> Improve acne scars

How long will it last?

Improvements will be seemingly felt in four weeks time and can last up to six months. Some say up to two years.

What's the damage?

A typical procedure can set you back anything from $900 to $1,500

If you're bloody dying to get the procedure but can't afford it, try getting a job in Hollywood. The Vampire Facelift is said to be included in the recent Oscars' swag bag.

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