7 Mommergency Kit Essentials


Moms are such proverbial worry warts. Our husbands can brand us out as nearing paranoia all they want, but being "concerned" is a very good thing. Okay, overly concerned.

Allzeit bereit {Be Prepared} is a motto that shouldn't just apply to scouts but to us moms as well. I always carry a Mommergency Kit inside my purse everyday. It's just a simple kit that contains essentials during simple not-so-fortunate circumstances. It is not similar to medical first aid kits. It's more of a my-kid-was-so-full-he-suddenly-vomited type of kit.

Of course, you're welcome to add whatever you think you need to your very own Mommergency Kit. Here are the basic essentials that I have on mine.

1. Adhesive Bandage

Minor scrapes and cuts are unavoidable, so make sure that you have a few strips of adhesive bandages in your Mommergency kit always. Extra smile points for character bandages. I'm an adhesive bandage hoarder! I have bandages that has my kids' favorite cartoon characters and some of my faves too!

2. Hand Sanitizer Spray

I'm never without this one. I carry two bottles of hand sanitizer sprays in my bag every single day since I was in college. I'm just really careful, that's all. *cough mysophobic cough* Plus, there are times when we don't have access to soap and water.

Choose something that's strong but gentle. CleanWell natural hand sanitizer is the kind that applies its potent factor to the target {germs}, not the user {kids}. It doesn't contain Benzalkonium Choride - a chemical that has been said to induce an asthma attack. 

I prefer the spray kind than the gels and foams because they're easier to apply to certain objects such as toys. Unlike gels or foams, you don't need to wipe the toy off with a tissue before you let your kid touch it.  

3. Pocket Tissue

Bodily discharges such as sweat, saliva, and all the things that only moms can talk about sans {or less, at least} the grosserific expression is unavoidable. Get a pocket tissue that's tough enough for juice or milk spills as well as hubs' sweaty pits. Never hurts to have some versatility factor to your tissue, right?

4. Wipes

Another multi-purpose product that should always be included in a mommergency kit are wipes. Aside from it's usual use, wipes are great for clean-ups and better for cleaning your kids noses when they have colds. The saline-infused ones, like Boogie Wipes, will prevent nose sores as well as help dissolve mucus. It's also great for removing make-up!

5. Thermometer Strips

I first included thermometer strips to my Mommergency kit when I gave birth to my youngest son. They gave me a couple of it at the hospital where he was born. I didn't think that it would be equal to digital thermometers in terms of accuracy, but I was wrong. It is as accurate but cuter!

6. Barf/Wee Bag

Be armed and ready for an occasional encore performance after a heavy meal or during a long trip somewhere. You can also use a barf/wee bag to put in a soiled shirt or whatever because you were too late in catching the said performance.

7. Snacks

This is especially helpful for those kids {and adults} who throw tantrums when they're hungry. Always keep a stash in your Mommergency Bag. Pick something that's not just filling and delicious, but nutritious as well. Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears is gluten-free and is packed with Vit. C!  

Did I miss anything? Share your Mommergency kit essentials with me!

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