Functional and Budget-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas


How many of you have ran out of ideas on what to give the queen of your life this Mother's Day? I share your dilemma. I have a hard time choosing gifts for my mother-in-law {my mom passed away a couple of years ago}. I keep stressing out and put a lot of pressure on myself to outdo the previous year's gift! Whether we or the gift receiver admits it or not, a gift is one of the best ways to express how much you value the person. 

As a mom myself, I appreciate the gifts that are more functional than cute. I don't want something that'll just gather dirt in our house. I have a lot of those already. I want something that I can use and will use. With the current worldwide economic downturn, the best gifts should be those that are budget-friendly and very much useful at the same time. 

Since not all moms are the same, here are a couple of Mother's Day gift ideas that I've compiled that's tailored made for the kind of mom you have! 


About 99.6% {personal data} of moms love to cook - either by choice or by force. A good cookbook will certainly be appreciated by those who are into the fine art of cooking. Actually, it'll also be appreciated by those who want to appear to be great in the kitchen. They can line it up along with the rest of her cookbook collection on top of the kitchen counter. Hey, if you can't play, just display. Not judging. Just saying.   



You'll know the owner of the Facebook account is a mother when there is the world "multitasker" on her profile. Even without looking at her kids' 5,453 photos, you'd know that the profile you're looking at is indeed a mom's. Mothers are the inventors of multitasking. Hey dude, can you keep a baby entertained while doing the laundry, check emails, and prepare dinner simultaneously? All that while having a bad case of PMS. No? I rest my case. A pen and notebook bundle will surely be useful to jot down her grocery list or vent about her day. Anything to get her out of Facebook. Please!


I don't know if I have a green thumb or not 'cause I haven't tried gardening. Some moms that I know, including my own mom and MIL are really good at gardening. If your mom belongs to this category, you can get her this gardening set that's oh so cute! Makes me wanna take up gardening. Maybe when I'm 70ish. 


As the fashion genius, Karl Lagerfeld, once said - “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a LittleBlack Dress.” What about an LBD accessory organizer? A necessity, just like the real thing! How cute is this?!  


A lot of moms are paying more attention to health and fitness nowadays. That's a really good thing. Have you seen Pepper Potts' {Gwyneth Paltrow} chiseled abs in Iron Man 3? Not normal!!! Makes you wanna do 5,000 crunches 'till you barf out your intestines doesn't it? If your mom's gonna hit the gym, let her go in style with this kicks! Love the color and the price!


It's all about getting personal, y'all! I love customized gifts just like this iPad case! It has a great pattern, is waterproof, and you can have your mom's initials printed right on the middle.


I think that all mothers are sentimental. Maybe some are just more sentimental than the others. We can't help it! I think the hours of painful labor {I seriously thought that the pain would split by body into two} somehow altered a mother's body chemistry making her extra, extra sensitive. It's like a good kind of PTSD. But seriously, there's nothing more important for any mom than her kids. That's one of the main reasons why we get nostalgic sometimes. Our kids make us believe that life is truly, truly good! One best way is through photos. Put the best photos of your treasured moments with your mom in this digital keychain. You can store up to 190 photos!

“Behind all your stories is always your mother's story. 
Because hers is where yours begin.”

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