Appebon Kid's Mom's Grocery Blowout Promo!

Appebon Kid Grocery Shopping Spree
May is mom's month! I don't know if that is official, but we mom's like to think that it is! Pampering mom's and making the them extra happy is what this mom's month is all about. Various celebrations have been done in honor of mothers and it's still not over yet!

Appebon Kid, daily nutrient supplement for kids, is giving away PhP 10,000 worth of grocery shopping spree! Now, this is something that I'm 100% sure mom's will really appreciate. This will be a big help given the bloating prices of commodities. Grrr!!! Okay, breathe and one, two, three....wooosaaaaah.

I'm not going to ask you anymore if you want to get a chance to win a cart load {or two} of your favorite stuff. I know that you want it as much as I do! Let's both head on over to Appebon Kid's Facebook page to get started. 

Remember to like their page first to get to the contest proper! Let's go! 

Hold on! Please hit my Facebook like button {look to the left} too before you leave. Thank you very much! kiss

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