Beauty Crush: Gal Gadot

From time to time, my dear 'ol husband and I would debate about our girl crushes. And then, there are also those rare times when we would agree. I feel cheated sometimes because I always tell him my girl crushes but he won't fess up his man crushes to me. No fair, dude.

One of our mutual crushes is Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot. Our fondness for her has been rekindled recently thanks to Fast and the Furious 6 where she plays Gisele Yashar. We watched it yesterday. It's a great movie by the way. The stunts are amazing {as expected} and The Rock glistening with baby oil in every single scene is...what's the word...cute.

Anyway, there's really nothing much to say about Gal Gadot except for the fact that!!! Perfect facial symmetry, which experts say is what majority of men find attractive in women. Asymmetrical face is not automatically a Quasimodo, by the way.

Check out her mesmerizing photos below and tell me what you think. As for me, well, I'd gladly drink the blood of a dozen damsels to complete my Gal Gadot morphosis. 
Gal Gadot face

Gal Gadot no make-up

Gal Gadot face

Who's your beauty crush?

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