Jamba Juice: Blending Jambalicious Drinks at Robinson's Magnolia

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia

I blame Britney Spears for making me fall in love with Jamba Juice. Back in the early 2000 {pre K-Fed days I think}, she was almost always photographed grasping a huge cup of Jamba Juice. She looked like she was really enjoying the drink! 

When went on a vacation to the States, I showed our friend the US Weekly photo of Britney Spears and asked him where we could get the drink she was holding. He brought us to the branch in Glendale. I had my first drink {Strawberries Wild}. The first of many. 

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia

Imagine our excitement when Jamba Juice opened it's first branch at BGC Central over a year ago. Though the area is a bit of a struggle to go to - considering the turtle traffic movement - we still visited the store twice a week at the very least. The opening of the branch at Robinson's Magnolia was highly anticipated by us. A more convenient way for us to get a smoothie fix.

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia entrance

Jamba came from the African word "jama" which means "to celebrate". The brand was built over exactly that. They celebrate good health. An avid cyclist, Kirk Perron, wanted to create a beverage that's  healthy and replenishing after long bike rides. Along with his friends, Perron started the Juice Club, Inc. back in 1990. Sixteen years after, Services Acquisition Corp. International bought the company and changed the name to Jamba, Inc.

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia

I like the store's overall color scheme. The avocado green is very relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. It is said that the color green brings a certain sense of calmness aside from wealth and good luck.

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia

What's your favorite boost? Mine's immunity. I'm obsessed with boosting my immunity, probably because I beat it up too much. 

Jamba Juice Blenders

It was just me and hubs who visited the Jamba Juice R. Mag the other night. It was right after we ate tons at Yabu. We still had some more room in our belly that's been aching to be filled by a smoothie on a scorching night.

Jamba Juice Strawberries Wild and Chocolate Moo'd

My favorite has always been the Strawberries Wild and the Razzmatazz. I'm a creature of habit. I rarely, very rarely change my order. Hubs got the Chocolate Moo'd. The kids love that one too, as well as the Orange Dream Machine and the Banana Berry.

Have you checked how many calories are included in your drink? A friend of mine has this annoying habit of counting calories. It's sort of a transmissible habit. I've acquired a bit of it thanks to her, so now, once in awhile, I check the calories. Ergo, I'm annoying too.


It's not as low as one would expect, but it's at least healthier. Jamba Juice has an option called Make it Light. I haven't tried it yet. I don't any plans to as of now. I'm happy with the 370 calories that my Strawberries Wild is giving me. Why? Because I'm beautiful on the inside and that's what really matters. *wink*

Some colorful Jamba goods at the store.

Jamba Juice Robinson's Magnolia
Upper Ground Floor
Aurora Blvd. corner Hemady St., Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 AM-10 PM
                                Friday to Saturday: 10 AM-11 PM
                                Sunday: 10 AM-10 PM
Tel. No.: 625-4093
Facebook: Jamba Juice Philippines
Twitter: JambaJuicePH

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