One Breton Shirt, Worn Three Ways

You all know how much I love classic pieces. They are a must in every closet. One classic shirt that I truly adore - and have at least six of - is the Breton shirt. The shirt was originally called marinière and was worn by French sailors. The first Breton shirts consisted of 21 stripes {each apparently depicting Napoleon Bonaparte's victories}.

Because of the comfort it brings and its ease of wear, the shirt was well loved by Breton workers, hence the term.   The shirt was made famous by the purveyor of understated elegance, Coco Chanel. She made an entire collection based on it!

I like the fact that it's flattering on just about anyone and can be worn by both sexes. Breton shirts are like white shirts; you can never have enough! Here are some suggestions on how to rock it:

A Walk in the Park

Fall In

All Glammed Up

Which one's your favorite Breton look?

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