Simply Chic Table Setting for Breakfast

Simply Chic Table Setting for Breakfast - The Mommist

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. What you'll eat during this time will get through the rest of your day. Mornings are not only for nutrition; they're also about mental health and feeling good. One way to feel good in the morning is by setting the table in a way that's aesthetically pleasing!
Think of it as a sort of neurobics. Seeing something that's pleasing in the morning can resonate all throughout the day. Setting a lovely breakfast table is just simple thing, but it comes with a good impact to one's behavior and outlook! 
If you don't have access to a good view, create one! Create a beautiful surrounding. It can help you and your loved ones be more grateful as you start the day. 
1. Heath Coupe dinner plate

2. Salt and pepper shakers
3. French press
4. Vintage recycled milk bottle
5. Drinking glass
6. Table napkin
7. Vintage napoli placemats
8. Cereal bowl
9. Flatware set
10. Flower vase
11. Stainless steel coffee cup and saucer set

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