The Farm Resto: Serving More Than Just Organic Beef


Seeing delicious photos of burgers on Instagram care of Kariz Favis - wife of Tom Favis, owner of The Farm Organics and the restaurant - prompted me and my glutton crew to visit the new The Farm Resto a couple of days ago. It was just too enticing to resist, I tell you!

I've been a big fan of their products since I saw them on the freezer shelves of Rustan's Fresh Shangri-la Plaza Mall last year. Aside from the beef being organic, I also like the fact that they are vacuum packed {sealing the all important juices in}. It keeps the product fresh and odor-free. 

Organic beef are those that come from cattles that are exclusively fed with 100% chemical-free grass. These cattles are not given antibiotics nor any form of enhancers such as bovine human growth hormone {rbGH}. The latter forces the cow to produce more milk with....wait for it....pus and a cancer enhancing hormone. Since they don't use fertilizers or pesticides, organically grown beef helps save Mother Earth as well.

The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

Okay, enough with the organic beef 101; let's go now to The Farm Resto. The facade is very unassuming. I liken it to a Starbucks store; no matter where the store is located {even in a dump site}, the consumer is magically transformed into a different world once inside. 

The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

I love the interiors! The place is dominated by wood, making it very cozy and relaxing. We went there during  a rainy day, so it was extra cozy. The whole place is simple but done to a tee. Hubs pointed out the  proverbs written on a chalkboard. He likes that kind of stuff.

The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

They also sell other eco-friendly products at The Farm Resto. They have Messy Bessy, Human Nature and Grandma's Secret to name a few.

The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

Beef Jerky at The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

I took a liking to these cute table number and candle container.

Table setting at The Farm Organics Restaurant Alabang Hills

And now for the main event! I almost did a cartwheel upon seeing the words 'Bone Marrow' on the chalkboard menu! I love bone marrow! No, I'm not on a Paleo diet; I just like the stuff, that's all! I got it from my dad. 

This delicious delicacy has been given a bad rep for far too long. I'm not gonna touch on the taste anymore because as we all know, it's deadly good! Bone marrow is a good source of calcium and protein. Yes, it contains fats, but it is polyunsaturated fat {the good fat} which can help lower one's cholesterol.
This is not my way of convincing myself that bone marrow is good just because I like it. It's a fact. Of course, like all other things, the key here is eating in moderation. Over indulging is a sin...or not. It depends. *wink*

Organic Bone Marrow
Organic Bone Marrow  PhP 295

The fat was still sizzling and bubbling when the waiter placed the Roasted Organic Bone Marrow in front of us. I thought that it was overcooked, but turns out it was just the spices that looked burnt. As you can the see from the photo below, the inside it was cooked perfectly. The marrow was buttery soft and lightly seasoned. It was truly satisfying. I put some on my rice and hallelujah it was good!

Classic Cheeseburger The Farm Organics
Classic Cheeseburger  PhP 240

Hubs and eldest son ordered the Classic Cheeseburger and Bacon Cheeseburger respectively. The burger patty itself was delicious, juicy and cooked really well. The bun was good, but I prefer a potato bun though. It would also be great if there are a variety of cheese choices or a cheese stuffed version of the patty. This would work well with a gruyere, comte, or monterey jack. Just a suggestion though. 

Bacon Cheeseburger The Farm Restaurant Alabang
Bacon Cheeseburger  PhP 340

Our boys loved the French Fries a lot! The burgers doesn't come with fries, so you have to order this one as extra. They are thicker than the usual fries, crispy on the edges and soft on the inside. I appreciate the fact that they didn't sprinkle it with too much salt. This is a must-try!

French Fries  PhP 80

Organic Rib-Eye Steak Large The Farm Alabang

My favorite amongst all is this lovely, lovely Rib-Eye Organic Steak! It needs no sauces because the meat is so flavourful, juicy and fantastic! All the good seasoning is infused in every single piece of sliced meat. Just like what Jamie Oliver said: "It's gorgeous!" It annoys me sometimes when he continuously utter those words though.  

The prices at The Farm Resto are not bad at all. This huge chunk of goodness is PhP 795. That's for a steak...scratch that....that's for a great organic steak! It's reasonable enough for me. This is the larger order, which is approximately good for 2-3 persons or one glutton. 

Organic Rib-Eye Steak Large The Farm Organics Alabang
Organic Rib-Eye Steak {Large}  PhP 795

Organic Rib-Eye Steak

To cap off the end of our good experience at The Farm, we each had a Nutella Cupcake. This is a real winner! I'm not a big fan of nutella {crucify me}, but this one I like! Our youngest was the one who picked this cupcake for dessert. It was so moist, fudgy and amazing. I bought more to go!

nutella cupcake

Bummed that we didn't get to try the Lemon Green Tea that day. They ran out. That's okay because we will be back to try more stuff. My sister is actually forcing me to go back there soon {like, tomorrow soon!}. I'm gonna try the smoothies, other burger variants and the bone marrow again!!! Booyah!

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

The Farm Restaurant
Don Jesus Blvd.Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel. no. (02) 403-9130
Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday 11:30am - 9.00pm,                                  
                                 Saturday to Sunday 10:30am - 9.00pm

Facebook: The Farm Organics
Twitter: @TheFarmOrganics

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