10 Best Unsolicited Advice I Got From My Dad

shirley temple father's day 2013
I love Shirley Temple! I used to watch her movies
with my Dad.

You know dads; even when you don't want any advice, they give it. My dad was constantly like that. Giving me advice every single time we had our prattles. His favorite time to give me all the unsolicited advice that my brain could ever handle was during our 45 minute ride from home to school. He would sometimes {when he wasn't busy or the driver was late} drive us to school. I dreaded those times; he, on the other hand, loved it! It was his chance to homilize the moment!

He was teaching me everything that I needed to know in life. Like he was really in a hurry to arm me with every possible thing to face both triumphs and adversities. I couldn't understand why until one unfortunate day back in 2005. He suffered a massive cerebral aneurysm at the age of 58. Gone too soon. Now I know why he was always eager to preach.

I want to share with you some of the advice he gave me. They maybe of help to you as it is to me.

1. Fail in anything, but never as a parent.

2.  If you want less heartaches, don't expect too much from anyone.

3. To raise good kids will be your best contribution to the world. To be a lawyer, a doctor and a businessman is so easy. To be kindhearted is hard.  

4. Always be grateful for whatever you have while striving for the best.

5. Be kind to everyone but don't take sh*t from them either.

6. Pick your life's mate well. Whether you like it or not, 99% of your happiness or sadness will come from this one decision.

7. Always be there for your friend at her lowest, not during her brightest. She has a lot of people in her life for the latter.

9. Family should always come first. 

10. Don't compare yourself to others. You will never go far if you do.

Your turn! What's the best advice your Dad has ever given you?

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