Diego Uchitel Revives My Obsession With Polaroids

Polaroid camera was an integral part of my youth - or anyone else's, especially those who grew up in the 80s. It was the then counterpart of the digital camera; but instead of viewing the taken photograph from a screen display, the photo is processed into an instant film that comes out of the polaroid camera. That's for the sake of the unbeknownst kids today. I used to blow into the film or sway it a little to hasten its processing. That was the fun part for me then!

I see some of my Polaroid shots from time to time whenever I go home to my parents' house. Most of them have faded and a lot are missing. I managed to save some of my treasured films with stereoscopic viewer from my 1st birthday party though.

Argentinian-born fashion photographer, Diego Uchitel, revived my obsession with Polaroids through his book entitled, Diego Uchitel: Polaroids. It is a collection of all the shots he took from his Polaroid camera through the years. 

The potency of Polaroid photos do not last long. As in the case of Diego Uchitel's photos, traces of fading and aging are very much visible, but this is what makes them extra beautiful! 

Below are some of Diego Uchitel's amazing Polaroid shots. Seeing them makes me want to buy an instant camera again, such as this cute red one!

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