Bensimon French Plimsolls

I consider something to be a really good buy if it has a mix of both comfort and appeal - on equal percentage, preferably. I found one recently ~ Bensimon plimsolls!

I love sneakers and I will wear a pair well into my golden years if I can. I first saw these sneakers from Cup of Jo. What I found most appealing with the photo from the said post was the fact that they're laceless slip-ons. If there's an option such as this in the kicks line, I usually go for it. Reason? They're easier to put on. That's actually my only reason. When you're a mom, you'll appreciate simple things such as this.

I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago and I'm very much satisfied so far! They're lightweight and so comfy! The entire cotton upper keeps my feet cool despite of this terrible weather. Best everyday shoes for me! I'm getting this color next. These limited edition Bensimon pair is nice too!

What do you think?

My first Bensimon {Elly Rose} pair. 

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