Edible Art: Birthday Gourmet Arrangement

I pretty much did a great version of WTH face when this arrived at our home. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and I appreciate the gesture tremendously! I was just surprised because it was hubs' first time to ever give me an 'arrangement' {floral, fruits, whatever} of any kind. 

I was fighting back tears. Really. Then, something hit me. 

Did he do something terrible?! 

Nah, he didn't. That's just how my brain works. This is my defense: I didn't receive anything in the years that we've been together, and suddenly this! 

This' really beautiful though and the smell's magnificent! It crept through the whole dining area. I wanna order one just because.

P.S. Hubs just informed me about the time he gave me a bouquet of white tulips during our wedding day. Okay, that counts. Pretty neat surprise, dude. Thanks!

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