Love Affair with See's Candies

I blame my mom and my cousin for making me love See's Candies so much...some of it, at least. I'm not really fond of sweets. I don't constantly crave it like majority of the earth's population do, including my husband. He actually considers me weird due to this very reason. From time to time, however, I indulge on a few sweet treats. One of my ultimate favorites are those from See's.

Gourmet Lollypops ~ Butterscotch
See's Gourmet Lollypops

I usually get the assorted box {above} of See's Gourmet Lollypops because my kids love all the flavors. They're kind enough to save the butterscotch for me though. The taste is heavenly, not as messy and lasts longer than most lollies!

See's Toffee-ettes

This is my all-time favorite from See's. Crunchy Danish butter toffee wrapped with milk chocolate and topped with chopped almonds. It is unbelievably good! It's like Almond Roca, but so much better!!!  The taste is better and it's easier to eat! No need to struggle with individual nugget wrappers.  I can easily eat a whole can {1 lb} of See's Toffee-ettes in one sitting. It's that addictive! I seriously feel sad when I'm down to my last can knowing that it'll take months before a new round of supply arrives. 

 See's Salted Nuts

See's Salted Nuts

I love, love, love snacking on nuts and dried fruits! I like the variety {below} of this mixed nuts. Add to that is the fact that these are not greasy and salty. I usually combine some of these nuts with a few dried fruits in a bowl. Although this method is undoubtedly a healthier way to snack, I still prefer the Toffee-ettes over this can. Baaaaaaad!

See's Salted Nuts

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