Michelle Williams' Louis Vuitton Ad

 Michelle Williams holding the Louis Vuitton W Bag

Wow! Michelle Williams looks ferociously glam in these photos, don't you think? She definitely took my attention away from the Louis Vuitton W Bag

Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Williams looks like she has a natural knack for being a real model. She reminds me of  Claudia Schiffer {during her heyday} in the first photo. I love her choppy crop, burgundy-stained lips and dark brows! Perfect contrast against her flawless pale skin. 

 Michelle Williams holding the Louis Vuitton W Bag

Let's talk about the Louis Vuitton W Bag a bit, since it's really the one being showcased in the photos. Size-wise, I think it's perfect. Appropriate for petites. It looks roomy enough for those who put half of their home's content in their bags. Guilty!  I like the winged style and the composition.  I like structured bagsIt kinda looks like a Neverfull with flaps.

I'm not so much into what Michelle Williams is holding. I prefer the one below. Watcha think?

 Louis Vuitton W Bag burgundy

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