Smurfs 2: All New Smurf-tastic Treats from McDonald's!

smurfs 2 mcdonald's smurftastic treats 2013

If you're one of the 80's kids who would wait for the Smurfs on Channel 9 every Saturday {I think}, then you'll pretty much understand my love for the series and for the products that pays homage to it!

The kid in me got all giddy when the first movie was released back in 2011. I couldn't hide my happiness while watching it with my boys! Sharing a treasured childhood show with my boys is one great bonding moment for me.

The Smurfs are back and we're {my boys and I} looking forward to have another Smurf-tastic time at the movies!

Back in the 80's, there wasn't much products - or food - to celebrate The Smurfs here in PHL. My mom bought my Smurfette stuffed toy in the States because I couldn't find one here. But now, it's easier for kids to jump in on the hype!

Smurftastic treats are available at Mc Donald's to celebrate the upcoming release of The Smurfs 2! We got invited to try the desserts the other day. We couldn't pass up on the chance, so my boys and I headed over to Mickey D's Greenbelt to savor the treats

Blueberry McFloat Smurfs 2 Drink McDonald's 2013

My favorite among the three is the Blueberry McFloat - clear soda mixed with blueberry syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream! It's wonderfully refreshing! 

Blueberry Sundae McDonald's Smurfs 2 Dessert

Both the Blueberry Sundae and the Strawberry Oreo McFlurry are delicious as well! My boys like the latter better. They both into Oreo McFlurry to begin with, so their choice didn't surprise me at all.

Strawberry Oreo McFlurry McDonald's Smurfs 2 Dessert

What all kids - and kids at heart - are looking forward to: Mc Donald's Smurfs 2 Happy Meal toys!

Smurfs 2 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys 2013

I'm not familiar with the new characters. I think the original ones are Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Baker. Did I miss a Smurf?

By the way, do you keep your Mc Donald's Happy Meal toys? We do! I suggest you do too. It could be worth something someday. This kid just made $11,000 from his Happy Meal toys!

Which one's your favorite Smurfs character?

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