The Gamine Style

jean seberg gamine style

Fashionwise, I'm more of a Jean Seberg in A bout de Souffle than an Alexis Colby even though I love the latter with all my heart! I seldom wear dresses or skirts. I'm always in jeans, a pair of shorts, tees and button down long-sleeved shirts. They're my uniform.

Gamine style {also called garçonne} is a type of style that has been around for so many years. It was popularized by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and, of course, Jean Seberg. Also, Gen Xers' ultimate crush, Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. Gawd, I love her in that movie! But really, I personally relish in gamine style because I secretly wish I was a man. Kidding!

To point out the obvious, it's a very relaxed style; I don't have to worry if someone would accidentally see my knickers from the way I sit. I'm not into hardcore femme; a little bit of androgynous touch is perfectly fine with me. I know I've abused this word so much, but gamine style is simple. It's also not anal. That's the perfect word to describe it, I think.

Gamine style doesn't mean that one has to be all 'butched up'. Little touches of femininity is paramount in making it work. Getting a pixie cut is optional, but if you have the face shape to pull this one off, chop those locks!!!

Here are some gamine style inspirations. Click on the links {below the set} to know more about each piece. Which set do you like best?

The Gamine Style

The Gamine Style

Gamine Style

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