Hair Muse: Wobs Anyone?

Before I stick to one mundane hairstyle when I hit the big 5-0, I want to try out various hairstyles while I still can pull them off - agewise. The haircut that I'm crushing on right now is the "wob" or the wavy bob. It's a pretty cool twist from the usual blunt cut and is not time consuming. It's one of those wash-and-go type of hairstyle; very low-maintenance. It's pretty much like having a bad hair everyday, but in a okay kind of way.

My hair is naturally wavy, so that part's all covered. All I need now is the chop. The wob is one of those rare versatile cuts. It works well with any face shape. The length is the only factor that you have to adjust to complement your face shape further.

What do you think? Wob it?

nicole richie wob wavy bob

scarlett johansson wavy bob

jennifer aniston wavy bob


Ashley Olsen wob wavy bob

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