D'Orsay Flats

Simple, sleek and sexy are the adjectives that best describe these flats. D'Orsay became the most covetable flats this year much thanks to Jenni Kayne

This isn't actually a breakthrough design. It's been around for a lot of years. I remember owning a pair back in the mid 90's. As they say, fashion continuously revolves, hence the comeback. Ugh, I should be more like my Aunt. She doesn't give away any of her clothes, shoes and bags thinking that they will be back in style someday. Well, there's still time to change, yes?

But really, what's not to like about D'Orsays? It shows more skin than the usual flats, but not too much; more like an elegant kind of sexy. Big factor is the fact that they are flats, therefore comfy

What do you think about these flats?

P.S. Zara has recently released a really lovey-lovely version. Check them beauties here

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