Famous Bibliophiles

Don't you just love old photos? Vintage shots of celebrities reading is just a sight to behold, especially when the celeb is a hottie like James Dean!!!

Here are a couple of famous (and gorgeous) people who were known bibliophiles.

Elizabeth Taylor reading a book
Can Liz Taylor's waist be any smaller? 

Jackie Kennedy Onassis reading a book
I assume this photo of Jackie O was taken inside Air Force One, yes?

Marilyn Monroe reading a book

Contrary to the image she projected, Marilyn Monroe's brain was bigger than her bosoms. Some say that her IQ was 168 (higher than Albert Einstein's). It was never proven, though. She reportedly owned more than 400 books at the time of her death. 

Audrey Hepburn reading a book

Another BB {beauty & brains} woman right here! Loving Audrey Hepburn's look {Breton shirt and black slim pants} in this photo! 

James Dean reading a book

James Dean - with his tousled hair and Gregory Peck specs. Super vintage hottie!

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