Frank + Eileen Rumpled Shirts

Frank and Eileen shirts

The shirts are amazing; the story's even better.

Crushing heavily on Frank & Eileen shirts! Love the patterns, colors & the love story. What can I say? I'm a hopeless morontic. I first thought the love story was all just a marketing strategy, but it turns out, Frank & Eileen are the grandparents of the founder {Audrey McLoghlin}.

Button-up shirts are a closet staple and one of my everyday uniforms. You can never have too many of these if you're bent towards the classics more than the fads. I first learned about these shirts when they featured it on Oprah's O Fall List. Ellen DeGeneres is a fan of these shirts as well. Love her cool androgynous style, by the way. 

One appealing factor for me is the rumpled look of the shirts. The style would have definitely raised my mom's eyebrow since starchy finish was her best friend, but I like it. Very blasé.

Love, love, love the classic colors and this tie dye version as well! Watcha think?

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