Project Pie Philippines: Build Your Own Artisan Pizza

project pie pizza

Project Pie Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City Build Your Own Artisan Pizza

Who can resist a good pizza?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Project Pie {mostly from my cousin in San Diego} and been wondering when I could try one. It's a relatively new {first one opened November of 2012} pizza hub, so I didn't think they would branch out here right away. But, lo and behold, they did!

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza
Love the wall of wisdom! I'm a sucker for great quotes!

James Markham {owner}, refer to Project Pie as the result of all his screw-ups. 

The PHL maiden branch of Project Pie is along Shaw Blvd. {515 Shaw}. It's right in front of the historic Laurel mansion. That's a great house, by the way. Have you seen it? They're building a high-rise there next year. I was told that they're going to make the mansion the lobby for the building. Well, at least they're not gonna tear down the place. Thank God! A luxury restaurant is said to be in the works care of Marvin Agustin's group.

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, so Project Pie is beside Starbucks. I don't have a story about Starbucks, sorry. 

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza

The interior is very masculine; you can smell the testosterone by the time you enter the area. Black and steel dominates the place. I like industrial designed areas. They have a lot of character. No peonies, pastels or butterflies for this lady. 

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza

How to order at Project Pie

They made ordering simple and practically dummy-proof. The light fixtures above the counter {below} are marked with instructions.

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza How to Order

STEP 1: The menu includes Order By Number {pre-determined ingredients} and the Build Your Own. The first choice is composed of 7 varieties. You can also go bold and choose the latter! You can also choose between red sauce and white pizza {olive oil}.

I forgot to take a photo of their pizza dough press machine. That's supposed to be for the Start Here collage. Mea culpa.

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza How to Order

STEP 2: Project Pie is the pizza version of Ristras, B & T, or Subway - a.k.a turo-turo. You can pick from 30+ ingredients as you go along creating your masterpiece. 

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza How to Order

STEP 3: Once you're satisfied with your creation, they will then put the pie inside the stone hearth oven for a couple of minutes. You'll be called once it's done.

What to do while waiting? You can check the quotes on the wall or.........

.........take some selfies! You know you want to.

Project Pie Manila Unlimited Soda
Unlimited Soda  PhP 65

Project Pie Manila Unlimited Soda

Soda lovers will get a knack out of their unlimited version.

Project Pie Manila Beer Wines

Sparkling water, wines, local and imported beers are available as well.

Project Pie Manila Pay Counter

The Fun Part

Project Pie Manila Artisan Pizza No. 6
No. 6  PhP 285

I ordered No. 6 - grilled chicken, sliced red onions, cilantro, mozzarella, gorgonzola and BBQ sauce. I added prosciutto and mushrooms. This one goooooood pizza! The crust itself was great! The edges were crunchy while the center was soft and chewy. All the ingredients blended well perfectly! The sweet BBQ sauce upped the pizza's heavenly factor!

Project Pie Manila Classic Cheese Pie
No. 1  PhP 245

No. 1 - Classic Cheese Pie {mozzarella, parmesan and feta}. Even the most basic version of their pizza is delicious! 

Each pizza is roughly about 9.5 inches in diameter and is sliced into four. I find the "just right" size perfect for the average Pinoy. It's enough for two, but can easily be wolfed down by one.

Project Pie Manila Build Your Own Artisan Pizza Pepperoni Cheese
No. 2  PhP 245

Youngest boy got No. 2 - pepperoni, mozzarella, Italian sausage, garlic and crumbled meatballs. We don't have anything negative to say about this one either. I'm pretty sure meat lovers will give their two thumbs up for this one as well.

What made their pizza extra good was the fact that it wasn't greasy. You don't have to blot your food with tissue just to get the excess out. 

Project Pie Manila To-Go Pizza Boxes

Dessert pizzas to-go! We didn't have enough room in our belly to eat these at Project Pie! We got the Banana Nutella {PhP 145} and Strawberry Mango Nutella {PhP 195}. Both are good, but I like the first one better.

Project Pie Philippines
515 Shaw
1555 Laurel St. cor. Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 650.09.25

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