The Green Truck

Citroën Méhari green

Yeah, yeah, I know, I have weird truck choices. I don't even know why I find old trucks so awesome. Seriously, if someone {probably a fat genie} would ask me to choose between a Bugatti Veyron and a Citroën Méhari, I'll choose the latter. Definitely.


No, really! I like fine aesthetics but I'm practical as well. If the genie will tell me, "Okay fine, I'm gonna include gas money with your choice", then no, I'll still choose the Citroën Méhari. Gas money plus repair money and miscellaneous fund? Uhm, maybe.

I first learned about Meharis when I was searching for Drew Barrymore's yellow truck on 50 First Dates. I thought it was the same truck, but it turned out that was a Volkswagen Thing. Pretty nice too, but not as cool as a Mehari.

Citroën Méhari

The French made truck was used by both French soldiers and the Irish Defense Forces. It doesn't come with standard cup holder nor seatbelts. But wait, the windshield can be folded over and did I mention the ruggedly cool factor? 

Citroën Méhari

You like?

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