300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire

The brutes are back!

History, Lena Headey {major girl crush!} and washboard abs - what more can a woman want? 

While 300 was all about a suicide mission {a.k.a. Battle of Thermopylae}, 300: Rise of an Empire is about the Battle of Artemisium - a naval carnage between the Greeks and the Persians. Since the two battles occurred concurrently {the 300 were flexing their way to death at The Hot Gates while General Thermistocles and his men were busy holding back the Persian fleet at Artemisium}, will Gerard Butler be doing a cameo? Unfortunately, no.  

Well, there's Thermistocles played by Sullivan Stapleton. Who? Doesn't matter because he's got killer abs too! 

Let's talk about Sullivan Stapleton a bit. Forget about the historical account. Why? My high school professor said it best: "Not everything that happened was written; not everything that's written is read; and not everything that's read is true." A lengthened version of 'history is partly fabulized'. So, do you think that he's hotter than Gerard Butler? Check him out below! Eye candy! 

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