Tipco: Rainbow of Healthy 100% Juices

I really have to thank my folks for forbidding us to drink sodas when we were younger. My siblings and I have developed a dislike to the heavily fructosed drink 'till this day. I think, it's also the reason why I'm not too fond of sweets in general. 

I grew up drinking a lot of fruit juices. When I say a lot, I mean one-gallon-of-Sunny-Delight-every-three-days type of a lot. They had those at the PX goods stores at Cash and Carry back in the late 80's. Love being young. You can take so much of anything without worrying where it would go. 

I was looking for fruits and veggies juice combo a few years ago (2008, I think) for my boys. I can always go for the juicer with this one, but if there's an equally good alternative without me making an effort, I'm all for it! Spell lazy. My best friend told me to try Tipco. I was ambivalent as to how it would taste like so, I only bought one flavor: broccoli. I got hooked! I've never loved broccoli this way...ever! 

What is it?

It's a ready-to-drink fruit and veggie juice that comes in different flavors. Tipco's never synthesized. It's all natural -  no sugar added, no preservatives, no colorants and no artificial flavorings. Del Monte has recently partnered with Thailand's Tipco F&B Co., Ltd. to strengthen this amazing product further.

Does it taste good?

No. It doesn't taste good. It's great! That whole it's-healthy-if-it-tastes-like-crap perception is unacceptable. Healthy can taste great, people! 


There are currently eight Tipco flavors:  Broccoli, Aloe Vera, Mixed Veggie, Orange Medley, Cranberry, Red Grape, Pomegranate and Cherry Berry. Personal faves? I like broccoli, pomegranate, mixed veggie and cranberry. My boys love, love, love broccoli and pomegranate!

The key is always to take things in moderation, of course. Even the healthiest ones are no exception. But, I'll always go for what my mom told me: anything is better than soda. Wise words. Wise words indeed.

For more info about Tipco juices, please go here.

Have you tried it? Which one's your fave?

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