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The only person {I personally know} in the world who hates sleeping at hotels is my grandfather. That's actually one of the reasons why he hates travelling. He's a creature of habit and is perfectly happy within the confines of his bedroom. I love you, lolo {grandfather}, but you're weird.

I, on the other hand, is his complete opposite. I love staying at hotels - whether it's 15,000 miles away or just a stone's throw! I longed to live the life of Howard Hughes {sans the Amanda-Bynes-state-of-mind}  or Coco Chanel. They both lived ardently in hotels. 

The sheets, pillows, food, ambiance, aroma, swimming pool, mini shampoo and conditioner, laundry bag, and the list goes on and on. The last two, by the way, is the Pinoy in me talking. At least, I don't take home Bibles.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the F1 Hotel Manila one rainy, but beautiful weekend.

F1 Hotel Manila Lobby and Front Desk

It was our first time at the F1 Hotel Manila. I've been hearing and have read good reviews about the hotel {especially the pools}, so my excitement was on hyperdrive the day before! My boys were so excited to do what they do best: eat and swim.

The location alone is superior. It's an easy walk from great restaurants, shopping centers and one major hospital. If I were a foreigner travelling to PHL for business or pleasure, I'd pick this hotel even just for the reason mentioned earlier.

F1 Hotel Manila Lobby and Front Desk

The lobby and front desk are uniquely located at the fifth level of the building. I immediately zeroed in on the Kenneth Cobonpue Yoda chairs. Cobonpue furniture is one of the {many} reasons why I keep buying lottery tickets, actually. The rest are for a good cause. Seriously. Honestly. 

F1 Hotel Manila Lobby and Front Desk

F1 Hotel Manila Premiere Lounge

The F1 Hotel Manila's Premiere Lounge is one of their many venues for meetings, corporate functions or any formal events. The biggest one, Infinity Ballroom, can hold up to 350 people. The former's where new friends and I met, had coffee and some snacks. I have to note that I - hold on, let me emphasize that - I was the only one who figured out how to use the coffee maker. Yes, it's an achievement and yes, I will include that on my résumé. 

F1 Hotel Manila Premiere Lounge

As a mom, I appreciate that F1 Hotel Manila is such a family-friendly establishment - from room sizes down to the amenities. The Fort Suite's {below} spacious, clean, cool and sweet-smelling! It's a two-room {private bedroom and a separate living room} suite designed to comfortably accommodate a family of four. Score! 

The sofa outside the main room can be converted into a bed for the kids. You won't have to do a remote control battle with your kids because there are two flat screen television sets.

I don't know if you guys are into it, but we like hotel rooms without carpet due to rhinitis. Those things are allergen-stuffed and not good for babies.

You'll immediately be greeted by an ample-sized living room with a mini dining table slash work station once you enter the Fort Suite.

The bedroom is on the right and inside it is the bathroom. 

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

Slumber ready!

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

Hubs' benchmark for an amazing hotel room is an iTouch/iPod/iPhone dock. That's it. He continuously plays his throwback songs {i.e. new wave} without a care for other's chosen playlist. Annoying.

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

I wasn't able to try the spa, but The Pickiest Eater told me how great his experience was. If you can get past his OOTD pose and shower scandal without fainting, please check out his censored derriere while having F1 Hotel Manila's signature massage here

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite Room

En suite

F1 Hotel Manila Bathroom

I'm a bathroom snob. Who isn't, really? A bathroom doesn't have to be elegant, luxurious or pumped with hi-tech features to be considered great. It just has to be sparkly clean with a good flow of hot and cold water and, for heaven's sake, an unclogged toilet. I'm happy to report that this one's mighty fine.

They have the usual hotel toiletries for you to take home. By the way, toiletries are fair game. You can take them home, but don't be greedy. You can also get the stationery, pens and slippers. No-no's are linens, pillows, bathrobes, T.V., iTouch dock, chair, towels, comforter, telephone, water heater and the Holy Bible. There's a special place in hell for people who steal bibles. 

F1 Hotel Manila Swimming Pool

The focal point of every hotel is often times the swimming pool. That's actually the first thing we check in a hotel since my boys are swimming enthusiasts. F1 Hotel Manila has three wonderful pools {2 kiddies and 1 lap pool}! These pools are really kid-friendly. The deepest is 4.5 ft. 

F1 Hotel Manila Swimming Pool

F1 Hotel Manila Swimming Pool

F1 Hotel Manila Swimming Pool

The Canary Lounge is on the same floor {3rd} as the swimming pools. If you don't wanna get your toes wet, you can stay here and order a cold one or a cup of joe. 

F1 Hotel Manila Canary Lounge

Aside from the facilities mentioned above, F1 Hotel Manila also has a 24-Hour Fitness Hub, Babysitting Services, In-Room Dining and 24-Hour Guest Services to name a few.

F1 Hotel Manila Gym

F1 Hotel Manila's F All-Day Dining International Buffet

F1 Hotel Manila's theme for this year's Christmas is everything Pinoy. In line with that, their international buffet will feature more Filipino dishes and delicacies along with the global variants. Famed chef, Sau del Rosario, curated the heartwarming dishes that literally hits home.

Here are a few to get your belly excited!


The thing that I truly enjoyed was meeting new friends. I really appreciate the group I'm with right now. They're my fellow food warriors. I love to be with people who are as PG as me. 

Not all hotels are built the same, of course. There are those that are lovely, bordering amazing; and then there are those that are just downright disgusting. F1 Hotel Manila belongs to the former. The only thing I disliked was the slow internet access via Wi-Fi. That's it. 

The most important aspect for me will forever be the service. It's exemplary, by the way. No matter how great the bed, the food or the swimming pool is, if the service stinks, the rest won't really matter much...for me, at least.

Don't just take my word for it! Feel free to try it out for yourself! If you don't get the same experience as I did, then please come back here and bombard me with comments.

F1 Hotel Manila
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact No.: (632) 928.98.88  and (632) 908.78.88
Facebook: F1 Hotel Manila
Twitter: @F1HotelManila

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